Farrell, Marie (1897-1996)
The Marie Farrell collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, printed material, and professional material.

Manuscripts include: Report of a Conference on the Potential Professional Role of the Nurse (1956); Problems of Role Confusion and Conflict in Nursing, developed from an original talk by Kenneth D. Benne and Warren G. Bennis (1957); Minutes from the Tentative Steering Committee of the National Fund for Graduate Nursing Education (1958); Southern Regional Educational Board’s report, Project on Graduate Education and Research in Nursing, under the direction of Dr. Genevieve K. Bixler (1956-1959);  National League of Nursing, Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs, Council of Member Agencies reports on Characteristics of Baccalaureate Education in Nursing (1959); Proposed Project on Maternal Child Nursing (1959); The Place of Nursing in Higher Education, presented by Wilson H. Elkins (1959); notes on meeting Deans of nationally accredited graduate education programs in nursing to consider establishing a national fund for graduate nursing education (1959); draft statement on The Crisis in Graduate Nursing Education and the Nation's Health, by Josephine Nelson (n.d.); The Role of University Schools of Nursing in the Improvement of Patient Care and Health Guidance, a statement by the Deans of 17 Schools, compiled by Esther Lucille Brown, Secretary; A Study of Educational Costs of Graduate Nursing Education Programs, by Peat, Maverick, Mitchell and Co., for the Institute of Resources and Services in Nursing Education (1959); Council of Member Agencies Report on November Conferences (1960); Minutes from the Biennial Business and Program Meetings (1961); memoranda and materials for meetings (1960-1961); and National League of Nursing Briefs on National League of Nursing Activities for 1960, presented to the National League of Nursing Board of Directors (1961). There is one manuscript in the collection not by Marie Farrell: B.U. Women's Council Marie Farrell luncheon at the College Club, by Catherine Tinkham (1997). 

Correspondence in the collection begins with a series of letters between Farrell and Boston University Associate Professor Eleanor Page Bowen when Farrell was with the U.S. Public Health Service (1946); the second letter in the series finds Farrell promoted to Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Public Health Service; the third finds Bowen addressed as Associate Professor of Nursing Education. Next comes a series of exchanges between Marie Farrell and Martha Ruth Smith, Dean of the Hospiyston University School of Nursing (1947). Assistant Chief for Nurse Education, Federal Security Agency, U.S. Public Health Service, Minnie Pohe writes to Martha Ruth Smith, Dean of Boston University School of Nursing (1947); followed by a letter in response from Martha Ruth Smith to Minnie Pohe (1947); Lucile Petry, Chief, Division of Nursing, Federal security Agency, U.S. Public Health Service also writes to Dean of Boston University School of Nursing Martha Ruth Smith (1947); Boston University President Daniel Marsh writes to Farrell (1947); Acting Dean of Boston University School of Nursing Farrell writes to Dean Martha Ruth Smith (1948); Marie Farrell writes to Lulu K. Wolf, explaining the cost of the University's basic professional nursing program (1953); memorandum from Martha Ruth Smith, Dean, Boston University School of Nursing, to Farrell (1954); memorandum from Vice President for Academic Affairs J. Wendell Yeo to members of the faculty of the School of Nursing (1955); letter from Boston University President Harold C. Case to Farrell, Boston University School of Nursing (1955); letter from Acting Dean of Boston University School of Nursing Farrell to Dr. J. Frank Whiting, Chief, Clinical Psychology Service, Veteran's Administration Hospital, Rutland Heights, MA (1955); general letter from Marie Farrell to Juniors and Seniors enrolled in the University’s basic professional nursing program concerning incompletes (1956); correspondence between Ruth Sleeper, Director of Mass. General Hospital School of Nursing and Nursing Service and Marie Farrell (1959); a series of letters between BU President Harold C. Case and Dean of the Boston University School of Nursing Farrell (1959-1961); letter from Farrell to Basic Program Graduates of 1960, about their gift of her portrait (1960); letter from Assistant Admissions Officer Grace Keleher, Boston University School of Nursing, to Dean Marie Farrell, Boston University School of Nursing (1963); and a letter from Anne Kibrick, Dean of Boston University School of Nursing to Farrell (1965).

Memorabilia includes an album of letters to Farrell from distinguished leaders in nursing and other fields, at her retirement (1963); various academic hoods belonging to Farrell; a citation from the Greek Red Cross (1966); a scrapbook honoring Farrell's 90th anniversary; and a greeting card signed by the twelve graduate students, residing at Fisk House, concerning the Marie Farrell Luncheon (1995).

Photographs in the collection include a number of black and white photos of Marie Farrell (1957; 1962; 1968); an unfinished Bachrach proof from the late 1950’s; a photograph of the Southern Regional B (1980); at a graduation party (1962); and photographs taken at Farrell's graveside service (1966).

Printed material includes a Veterans Administration application for nurses in the Department of Medicine and Surgery; Boston University – Faculty Member's Annual Report: 1947-1954; Boston University Recommendation for Faculty Reappointment, signed by Martha Ruth Smith, Dean of Boston University School of Nursing (1950); Boston University School of Nursing Faculty Record of Teaching and Service Load for academic years (1950-1955); Research Reporter, edited by Farrell, Nursing Research, Vol. 4, No. 1 (1955) Boston University, The Link, Vol. 3, No. 10, articles and photos about Marie Farrell (1996); program from a Memorial Service held for Farrell in Marsh Chapel, Boston University (1996); and obituaries of Farrell from various sources (1996).

Professional Material includes histories compiled by the Office of Field Relations and Placement, Teachers College, Columbia University. Over a year, Farrell's colleagues were encouraged to go on record about her. They include: E.S. Evenden, Professor of Education, Columbia University (1940); Clarence Linton, Division of Student Personnell, Teachers College, Columbia University (1940); Elizabeth G. Burgess, Professor of Nursing Education, Teachers College, Columbia University (1940); F.B. O’Rear, Professor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University (1940); Mary M. Anderson, Acting Principal, School of Nursing, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY (1940); and Mabel F. Huntly, R.N., Superintendent, Wesson Memorial Hospital, Springfield, MA (1940).
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