Leone, Lucile Petry (1902-1999)
The Lucile Petry Leone collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, and memorabilia. 

Manuscripts in the Leone collection are mostly of drafts of speeches delivered by Leone at various university commencements, conferences, nursing schools, and nursing conventions across the US. A representative selection of titles and themes includes: "Not by Sudden Flight," delivered as a commencement address at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1949); "Youth Looks Ahead," delivered at the Florence Nightingale Service, National League of Nursing Annual Convention, Boston (1951); "The Advance of Public Health Nursing," delivered at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Milwaukee (1951); "The Future of the Registered Nurse," delivered at the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons, San Francisco (1951); "The Prospect for Nursing," delivered at the Detroit District Michigan Nurses Association (1952); "Nursing Today and Tomorrow," delivered at the Nebraska Public Health Association. Omaha (1952); "Facing Critical Issues in the Health Field," delivered at a meeting of the American Association of University Women, Fort Worth, Texas (1953); "The Community's Stake in Professional Education of Health Workers," delivered at Boston University School of Nursing (1953); "Human Relations in Nursing," delivered at the Conference of Directors of Nursing Service, U.S. Public Health Service Hospitals, Washington, D.C. (1953); "Changing Factors in Staffing America's Health Services," delivered at the National Health Forum, National Health Counsel, New York, NY (1954); "Love, Honor, But Not Obey," delivered at a dinner honoring Stella Goostray and Stephanie Nelson, Boston (1955); "Trends and Problems in Practical Nurse Education," delivered at a conference for the State Boards of the ANA, St. Louis (1955); "An Overview of Nursing Education," delivered at the Western Conference on Nursing Education, held by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Berkeley, CA (1956); "The Shifting Present in Nursing Education," the Second Annual Samuel B. Spencer Berger Lecture, delivered at Grace-New Haven Community Hospital (1956); "Who Speaks for Nursing?" delivered at the Annual Convention of the Oklahoma State Nurses Association (1967); "The Nursing Profession – Its Profile and Your Prospects," delivered at the Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing, Philadelphia (1957); "Attitudes are the Beginning," delivered at the American association of Industrial Nurses Health Conference, Atlantic City (1958); "The Home Visit," delivered at the Virginia Public Health Conference, Roanoke (1958); "Patterns of Nursing," delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Lutheran Hospital Association, St. Louis, MO (1959); "Nursing, a Vital Social Force," delivered at the Convocation Ceremony, Boston University School of Nursing (1960); "We Work Together for Health," delivered at the Massachusetts State Medical Society, Boston (1960); "A New Decade Challenges the Professional Nurse," delivered at the Convention of the Nebraska State Nurses Association, Lincoln (1960); "Science and Spirit in Medicine and Nursing," delivered at the Annual Convocation of the University of Florida, Gainesville (1960); "Pioneers of Tomorrow," delivered at a meeting of the National Student Nurses Association (1961); "Nursing, a Social Force," delivered at Boston University School of Nursing Convocation (1961); "The Goal is Health," delivered at the Silver Anniversary of the Visiting Nurse Association, Arlington, VA (1962); "The Pursuit of Excellence in Nursing – the Challenge of the 80s," delivered at the Fifth Annual Western Conference on Nursing education, Denver, CO (1962); "Health on Wheels," delivered at the Convention of the American Ambulance Association, Miami (1963); "The Patient Who Walks," delivered at the Conference on Nursing in Ambulatory Care, NYU School of Medicine (1965); and "The Function of a National Nursing Organization," delivered at the Illinois League for Nursing , Chicago (1965). 

A representative list of correspondence to Leone includes letters from Paul Dawson Eddy, President, Adelphi College, Garden City, NY (1943); Katherine G. Amberson, Director, School of Nursing, Russell Sage College Hospital, Albany (1943); Betty Pratt, Public Relations Counsel, Teachers College, Columbia University (1943); Anna D. Wolfe, Director, School of Nursing and Nursing Service, Johns Hopkins University Hospital (1943); Edmund E. Day, President, Cornell University (1943; 1944); Marjorie Hoagland, Publicity Staff Representative, Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation (1949); Florence M. Johnson, Nursing Service, American National Red Cross (1949); R. W. Gregory, Assistant Commissioner for Vocational Education, Office of Education, Federal security Agency (1949); Robin C. Buerki, Vice President  in Charge of Medical Affairs, University of Pennsylvania (1949); Mary E. Delehanty, President of the American Association of Industrial Nurses (1949); Sister Agnes Miriam Dean, Georgetown University School of Nursing (1949); Charles F. Wilinsky, M.D., Executive Director, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston (1949); Alma Vessels, Executive Secretary, National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses (1949); James Stevens Simmons, M.D., Brigadier General, U.S.A. (retired) , Dean, Harvard University School of Public Health (1949); Helen Bean, Senior Nurse Officer, Public Health Service, Federal Security Agency (1949); Marth a O. Sayles, Secretary of the Faculty, Boston University School of Nursing (1951); Leonard A. Scheele, M.D., Surgeon General (1952);  Anthony J. J. Rourke,  M.D., Physician Superintendent, Stanford  President and editor, The Houston Post (1953); Mrs. Percy A. Lainson, National President, American Legion Auxiliary (1955); W. P. Shepard, M.D., Second Vice President, Health and Welfare, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (1957);Ann Magnussen, National Director, Nursing Services, American National Red Cross (1961; 1963); Faye Pannell, Dean, College of Nursing, Texas Women’s University (1963); William J. Lucca, Jr., Executive Director, Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S. Public Health Service (1965); Fernanda Alves Diniz, Regional Nursing Officer, World Health Organization (1968); Effie J. Taylor, Dean and Professor Emeritus, Yale University School of Nursing (1965);James Z. Appel, M.D., President, American Medical Association (1965); Clarence O. Wheeler, former Nursing Editor, W. B. Saunders Co. (1965);  Mildred Gaynor, Editor, Nursing Outlook (1966); Inez Haynes,  General Director, National League for Nursing (1966); John H. Knowles, M.D., General Director, Massachusetts General Hospital (1966); Virginia Arnold, Associate Director, the Rockefeller Foundation (1966); Ruth Sleeper, Director, School of Nursing and Nursing service, Massachusetts General Hospital (1966); Frederick D. Mott, M.D., Medical Director, New York Academy of Medicine (1966); Alice M. Robinson, Senior Editor, Nursing Outlook (1966); Thomas B. Turner, M.D., Dean of the Medical Faculty, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (1966); Lyle Creelman, Chief, Nursing and Secretary of the World Health Organization Expert Advisory Panel on Nursing (1966); Helen K. Mussalem, Executive Director, Canadian Nurses Association (1966); Major General Mei-Yu Chow, Dean of Nursing, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China (1966); and Stanley M. Lowe, Director, Division of Nursing, Department of Health, New Zealand (1966).

Printed material in the collection includes a number of articles written by Leone over the course of her career, including: "Simplifying Hypodermic Injections," by Thelma Dodds, Leone, and Charles A. Koepke, reprinted from American Journal of Nursing, vol. 40, no. 12 (1940); "The Production Front in Nursing," by Leone and Eugenia Kennedy Spaulding, reprinted from American Journal of Nursing, vol. 43, no. 10 (1943); "A Summing Up," by Leone, reprinted from American Journal of Nursing, vol. 45, no. 12 (1945); "Can Today's Schools Produce Tomorrow's Nurses?" by Leone, tear sheet from Hospitals, vol. 8, no. 21 (1947); "Two Sides to the Question of Nurse Education: Condense the Curriculum," by Sister Rosa; "Expand the Curriculum," by Leone, reprinted from The Modern Hospital, vol. 89, no. 3 (1947); "Professional Education for Nursing of the Future," by Leone, reprinted from Ohio Nurses Review (1948); "Statewide Planning for Nurse Education," by Leone, tear sheet from Hospitals, vol. 23 (1949); "Surveys Measure Nursing Resources," by Leone, Margaret Arnstein, and Ruth Gillian, reprinted from American Journal of Nursing, vol. 49, no. 10 (1949); and "Nursing: United States," by Leone, reprinted from The Encyclopedia Britannica (1966).  Printed articles about Leone include: "Lady with a Mission: the First Twenty-five Years," tear sheet from Patients World (1966); "Lady Admiral Gets Farewell and an Honor," Washington Evening Star, Washington, D.C. (1966); and "Contemporaries – Lucile Petry Leone, MA, R.N.," in Modern Medicine, vol. 36, no. 17 (1968). 

The collection includes a number of portrait photographs of Leone; photos documenting the US Nurse Cadet Corps; and a number of photos of Leone receiving the Lasker Award, in a presentation made by President Harry S. Truman, Mrs. Mary Lasker, and Army Chief of Staff Dwight D. Eisenhower (1955).  There are a number of photographs taken at Leone's retirement party (1966); and a photo of Leone, with an ANA representative, at a luncheon in San Francisco for Irene S. Palmer, Dean of Nursing at the University of San Diego (1974).

Memorabilia in the collection include an Honorary Bachelor of Science Degree, awarded to Leone by Boston University (1951); and an Honorary Degree awarded her by Alfred University, Alfred, New York (1953). Awards in the collection presented to Leone include the Albert Lasker Group Award (1955); the Florence Nightingale Medal, presented by the International Red Cross (1959); and the Distinguished Service Medal of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (1965).
Notable Figures
1. Leone, Lucile Petry, 1902-1999