Garrigan, Mary Ann (1934- )
The Mary Ann Garrigan collection consists of printed material, memorabilia, and photographss.

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of items from a variety of sources regarding the many aspects of the nursing profession as a whole and nursing education in particular.  Included are: "Now You're in College," by Herbert Popenoe, published by the Stanford University Press (1947); Boston University Bulletin (1947-1948); "The Use of Tests in Schools of Nursing," and "The NLN Achievement Tests in Professional Nursing," pamphlets 2 and 3, by the Evaluation and Guidance Service, National League of Nursing (1954); "Traditions and Songs of Boston University," published by the University Orientation Committee (1955); "A History of the School of Nursing at the Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, IL," by Ruth Johnson (1956); "Patient-Centered Teaching," prepared under the direction of Emily C. Cardew, Dean, University of Illinois College of Nursing, for use with Study Guide for Clinical Nursing, Lippincott, Philadelphia, 3rd edition (1962); "Development of Standards and Accreditation in Collegiate Nursing Education, Nursing Education Monographs," by Gwendoline MacDonald, Teachers College, Columbia University (1965); International Nursing Index, Vol. I, No. 1 (1966), presented to Garrigan by Lucille Notter, American Journal of Nursing Co., Philadelphia; Contact, District V, Massachusetts Nurses Association, Vol. 3, No. 5 (1967-1968); By-Laws of the American Nurses’ Association, as amended (1968); Massachusetts Nurses Association Bulletin, Vol. 39, No. 1 (1970); ANA in Action, Volume 3, No.1 (1970); Convention Journal, ANA, Miami Beach, FL (1970); National Student Nurses Association Convention Imprint, Miami Beach, FL (1970); printed material related to candidates for ANA President (Eleanor C. Lambertsen; Hildegard Peplau; Audrey Logsdon; and Frederick H. Wescoe (ca. 1970); printed material related to candidates for various other offices, including Second and Third Vice Presidents; ANA Director; ANA Board of Directors; and ANA Committee on Education (1970); invitations to Commencement Exercises at Northern Essex Community College; and School of Nursing, Massachusetts General Hospital (1970); Contact, District V, Massachusetts Nurses’ Association, Vol. 7 , No. 2, The 39th Annual Meeting (1970); Contact, District V, Massachusetts Nurses Association, Vol. 8, No. 1 (1971); Contact, District V, Massachusetts Nurses Association, Vol. 8, No. 2 (1971); and material related to the ANA Seventh Nursing Research Conference, Atlanta, GA (1971).  

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Committee on Labor and Public Welfare (1963); nurses, Stella Goostray (1967); Pearl McIver (1969); Ruth Benson Freeman (1971); Lucile Petry Leone (1971); Massachusetts State Representative Margaret M. Heckler (1972); nurse, Virginia Henderson (1973; 1979-1989); and Lucille E. Notter, Editor, Nursing Research (1973). Correspondence from Mary Ann Garrigan includes letters to incoming Boston University seniors concerning plans for the upcoming academic year (1958-1959); to Theta Tau, Theta Chapter, the Nursing Honor Society (1960); to Charles E. Douglas, Jr., applicant for admission (1961), who would become the first male graduate of the school in 1964; to members of the Boston University School of Nursing Glee Club (1963); and to incoming Boston University freshmen, welcoming them to Boston University (1964 and 1968).

Memorabilia in the collection includes Garrigan’s Army Nurse Corps and Red Cross insignia; I.D. cards and Garrigan's delegate ribbon from the National Student Nurses Convention, Miami Beach, FL (1970). Diplomas, honors, and awards include diplomas from Westchester School of Nursing, Grasslands Hospital (1935); Teachers College, Columbia University (1941); and Boston University, Masters of Education (1947). Honors and awards include membership in Delta Kappa Gamma (1954); Boston University Alumni Annual Giving Program Award (1960-1961); Nursing Education Alumni association of Teachers College, Columbia University Award (1976); Honorary Life Membership, Teachers College, Columbia University (1976); Massachusetts Nurses Association, Honorary Membership (1976); Fellow, American Academy of Nursing (1977); University of San Diego, Doctor of Humane Letters, Honorary (1977); Boston University School of Nursing Alumni Association Recognition award (1978); Sigma Theta Tau, Theta Chapter, Mary Ann Garrigan Award (1978); Boston University Doctor of Humane letters, Honorary (1979); Sigma Theta Tau, Founder's Award (1979); Honorary Membership, ANA Award (1984); and Joseph Coolidge Shaw, S.J. Medal Boston College (1985). 

Photographs in the collection include a photo album with snapshots (1935-1941); they show Garrigan with friends and teachers at Grasslands Hospital; Teachers College, Columbia University; in military service; with one snapshot of Garrigan in her public health nursing uniform. There is also a photo album documenting a luncheon honoring Garrigan on May 9, 1979, at the Harvard Club, Boston with a news release, list of invitees, and congratulatory messages to Garrigan. There are also prints of Garrigan with her former Bangladeshi nursing student, Akhtar Banu.

Also present is a reel of film titled Psychiatric Nursing.
Notable Figures
1. Garrigan, Mary Ann