Vaillot, Madeleine
The Madeleine Clemence Vaillot collection consists of manuscripts and printed material.

Manuscripts by Vaillot in the collection include: a complete draft of "Toward Education for Commitment: An Investigation of Student Nurses' Professional World," submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Graduate school of Boston College, Department of Education (1960); drafts of articles for publication: "A Philosophy of Hope and Nursing"; "Towards Hope and Beyond Despair"; and "Existentialism, Hope, and Nursing"; and other items (1956-1976) reflecting Vaillot's interest in the recurring themes of professional commitment, the importance of professional nursing education, existentialism, professional nursing  trends, the elderly in our culture, and the expanded role of the nurse.

Published articles by Vaillot include: "A Philosophy of Hope and Nursing"; "Towards Hope and Beyond Despair: A Study of Jean Paul Sartre's 'The Flies' and of Gabriel Marcel's 'A Man of God'"; "Existentialism, Hope and Nursing"; and "How Do Graduates from a Commercial High School Course Achieve in a School of Nursing?" published in Nursing Research (1956).
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