Tinkham, Catherine W. (1916-2011)
The Catherine W. Tinkham collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection by Tinkham include: drafts of papers presented at various conferences (1960s-1988), American Association of Industrial Nurses Journal (1967), Nursing Clinics of North America (1972), and Occupational Health Journal (1977); book reviews appearing in Nursing Outlook (1965) and the Boston University School of Nursing Alumnae Newsletter (1971); multiple drafts of the first and third editions of Community Health Nursing: Evolution and Process, co-authored by Tinkham and Eleanor Voorhies (1972 and 1983), as well as the third edition, retitled to Community Health Nursing: Evolution and Process in the Family and in the Community; a review of the book, Nurses of a Different Stripe: A History of the Columbia University Hospital School of Nursing, 1892-1992 (1992); and multiple drafts of 1893-1993: One Hundred Years of Public Health Nursing in Massachusetts, by Tinkham and Eleanor Voorhies (1993).  Also present are Tinkham's personal journals and reports from Cameroon, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Geneva, Togo, Washington, D.C., Nigeria, and Abidjan (1978-1982); as well as workshop proceedings from Monrovia, Liberia (1979); Banjul, the Gambia (1980); and Freetown, Sierra Leone (1981); and Tinkham's personal travel journals covering various national and international locations (1950s-1995).  In addition, the collection includes a speech written and delivered by Tinkham at the Boston University Nursing Archives Annual Meeting (1999); and a speech written and delivered by Tinkham at The Boston University Women’s Council Annual Marie Farrell Luncheon.

Correspondence in the collection includes her letter of resignation from the Wayne County Health Department (1953); letters of appointment to Boston University School of Nursing (1953-1988); general correspondence (1962-1993); letters related to her work with the Harvard University School of Public Health (1962-1979); letters regarding lecturers (1963-1975); correspondence related to her position on the National League for Nursing Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Subcommittee on Public Health Nursing (1963-1966), and Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Undergraduate Education (19631-1970); letters to and from students (1963-1990); correspondence related to her work with the Massachusetts Safety Council's Industrial Nursing Panel (1966); correspondence with the University of New Hampshire (1966-1973); correspondence with the New Hampshire Department of Public Health (1967-1975) and the New Hampshire Department of Education (1968);  letters related to her work with the Metropolitan Boston Visiting Nurses Association Budget Review Committee (1967-1975); correspondence with the Massachusetts Advisory Council on Education (1969); Correspondence with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (1969-1973); letters regarding Tinkham's participation in Occupational Health Nursing workshops, conferences, and consultations at the University of Manitoba, and the State University of Pennsylvania (1976), Heidelberg, West Germany (1979), Botswana (1981), and the University of Southern Maine (1984); correspondence as an International Student Advisor (1978-1981); and letters related to her duties on the American Nurses Foundation Task Force on Credentialing in Nursing (1979-1984). There is also correspondence between Tinkham and Prentice-Hall Publishers regarding the first and second editions of her book, Community Health Nursing: Evolution and Process (1966-1971, 1977); and letters between Tinkham and Allyn and Baker Publishers (1980). There is also a letter from Tinkham to the Massachusetts Nurses Foundation on their establishing the Catherine W. Tinkham Annual Scholarship (1993).

Photographs in the collection include: a photograph of her High School basketball team; a group photo of the United States Public Health Service (1942); a photograph of Tinkam as an ensign in the US Navy Nurse Corps Reserve (1943); Tinkham at her promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, US Navy Nurse Corps Reserve (1954); photographs of participants at Tinkham's various workshops; and photographs of the Steering Committee of the West Africa College of Nursing, University of Ife, Nigeria (ca. 1980).

Memorabilia in the collection includes Tinkham's World War II dog tags and Navy Nurse Corps pin. Certificates and awards include: a Certificate of Public Health Nursing from Simmons College (1940); a recognition of service certificate from the US Navy Nurse Corps Reserve in World War II and the Korean War (ca. 1943 and 1952); certificate as a founding subscriber to Nursing Outlook (1953); a Fellowship Certificate presented by the American Public Health Association (1953); Certificate of Award for Outstanding Achievement for Boston University School of Nursing Program in Maine (1983); Certificate of Recognition from the Massachusetts Nurses Foundation (1991); and Certificate of Appreciation given in recognition of Tinkham's support in helping to build the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. (1999).  Awards in the collection include the Faithful Service Medal, US Naval Reserve, World war II; the Naval Reserve Medal (1956); and the Boston University Graduate Student Organization Award plaque, given by the Class of 1981.

Printed material in the collection includes: Tinkham's junior high school diploma (1934); her senior high school diploma; her diploma from St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing (1937); her Bachelor of Science diploma and commencement program from Simmons College (1940); her Master's in Public Health diploma and Commencement Program from the University of Michigan School of Public Health; a program from the Massachusetts League for Nursing Fourth Annual Convention (1956); programs from her 20th and 25th High School Reunions; a contract with Prentice-Hall Publishers for Community Health Nursing: Evolution and Process, along with examples of advance publicity for the book (1966); a galley for the second edition of the book (1977); and a program from the 18th Quadrennial Congress of the International Council of Nurses, Tel Aviv (1985).
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