Gregg, Elinor (1886-1970)
the Elinor D. Gregg collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, miscellany, memorabilia, photographs, and film and video recordings.

Manuscripts include: reports by Gregg on her visits to various American Indian reservations, hospitals, schools, and agencies (1922-1931); notebooks kept by Gregg documenting her field visits, research, and annual reports (1928-1934); monthly reports written by Gregg (unless otherwise credited), issued in a correspondence-style format, concerning her various jurisdiction assignments (1922-1925); drafts of talks given by Gregg on her work in the Indian Service;  multiple drafts of The Courage of Ignorance, by Gregg; "Eighty-Four Years of Caring: Elinor D. Gregg," by Edwina McConnell; and reports by other authors (1920s). 

Correspondence includes: general letters to and from Gregg (1903-1980); personal correspondence (1923-1956); and professional correspondence (1924-1939).  Notable correspondents include: Major General Robert C. Davis, Adjutant General, United States Army; Charles M. Burke, Commissioner of Indian Affairs; various Indian Agency superintendents; Mary Ann Garrigan (1970-1975); Hazel Dell Bonness; George A. Shaughnessy; Edith M. Dabb; Flora Warren Seymour; Harry R. Hummer; S.F. Stacher; Carol M. Moore; M.C. Guthrie; and others.  

Printed material includes: published items issued from the US Bureau of Indian Affairs (1913-1939); published writings by Gregg (1925-1953); and numerous items regarding American Indians (1933-1958).

Miscellaneous material in the collection consists of a file from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Indian Field Service, on Lorene Parker, with a photograph of Parker pasted on the verso of the cover. It includes letters, telegrams, applications, references, medical reports, and other items, all related to Parker's employment in the Indian Field Service (1931-1936). 

Memorabilia includes: Easter cards made by Indian children at the Ogalala Boarding School (1923); US Army Nurse Corps uniform pieces; a US Geological Survey Reconnaisance Topographical map, Denniston Fork District, Alaska (1932); a 1936 calendar, handmade in Alaska; and several medals and pins.
Photographs include: Red Cross Hospitals in France during World War I, with pictures of Christmas scenes, hospital wards, cemeteries for the war dead, field barracks, and a Red Cross automobile; Western Indian Service scenes; Gregg in her Washington, D.C. Indian Services office; a portrait photo of Gregg in the uniform of the Waltham Hospital Training School; various slides; trips abroad; and several other images.  There are also several photo albums and scrapbooks in the collection, with photos regarding Greggs' family (1912-1913), World War I (1917-1920); and various American Indian reservations.

Video include two video cassette recordings of Gregg's 1936 trip to Alaska.  Film in the collection includes 16mm reels of Gregg in Alaska, Edinburgh, Stockholm, and with US Army soldiers and nurses; and an 8mm reel of a wedding.
Notable Figures
1. Gregg, Elinor D.