Wolfson, Theresa (1897-1972)
The Theresa Wolfson collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and memorabilia.  Wolfson worked for the American Nurses Association as a consultant economist in the Economic Security Section. She was particularly interested in the status of women. For the most part, her collection consists of general American Nursing Association files containing official memoranda and progress reports. The manuscript material appears to have been the product of work by the entire Section, although there are examples of a few personal manuscripts. Other materials cover the period in which she taught economics at Brooklyn College.

Manuscripts in the collection includes a draft of "Legislation Manual for Committees on Legislation of State Nurses Associations" (1950; rev. 1954); notes, agendas, reports, memoranda, and multiple drafts of "Democratic Techniques for an Economic Security Program" (1953-1962), as a portion of "The American Nurses Association's Economic Security Program." Also included is a draft of "What Every Nurse Should Know about Economics" (1954, revised 1955; 1959); notes and reports on ANA Ithaca Workshops (1954-1960); statements, reports and memoranda from the Illinois State Nurses Association, including a draft of "The Illinois Security Project" (1955-1956); "Legislative Activities and Economic Security" (1955); a corrected draft of "Special Aspects of a Broad Program," along with memoranda, reports, minutes, and agendas (1955); "Give a Little – Get a Lot: Activities Guide for Public Health Nurses," prepared under the auspices of the ANA (1955); memoranda, reports, and agendas related to the Economic and General Welfare Committee (1955, 1960); "Manual for an Economic Security Program," created under the auspices of the ANA (1956); memoranda, minutes, and reports from the "ANA Advisory Group" (1956-1957); "The Economic and Social Problems of the Professional Woman Worker" (1956); reports on state programs undertaken by the Florida State Nurses Association (1956); statements, reports, memoranda and agendas from the Technical Advisory Committee (1956); "ANA Economic Security Project 1956, a Confidential Report" (1956); notes, and reports from The Committee on Economic and General Welfare (1956); "Economic Security Educational Program" (1957); minutes, notes, memoranda and reports from ANA 1957 (1957); memoranda and reports from ANA Convention 1958 (1958); proceedings from the ANA Advisory Council meeting (1958); reports and agendas from the Economic Security Committee (1959); "Implementation of the Economic Security Program" (1959); "Preparing an Economic Brief for Public Health Nurses," prepared under the auspices of the ANA (1959); reports, memoranda, and press releases from ANA 1959, including a Biography of Ann Magnussen (1959); reports from the Florida State Nurses Association Convention (1959); "Essential Considerations for Certification of School Nurses Employed by Boards of Education," prepared under the auspices of the ANA (1959); "What Every Nurse Should Know about Economics" (1959); "Reports on Salary and Personnel Practices" (1959); "Current Economics," from the Cornell Workshop (1960); notes, agendas, and reports from the ANA Economic Security Conference (1960); "An Economist Look at the Nurse in Society Today"; "ANA Workshops on Wages, Salaries, and Incentives"; "Profile of Our Economy 1960"; "Profile of the Nurse in 1960"; United Nations Economic and Social Council Reports, from the Committee on the Status of Women (1964-1966); and Wolfson's course outlines and related material from the Cornell Labor School (1969). The collection also holds drafts of a number of speeches written and delivered by Wolfson, including: "Basic Speech" material (on which economic speeches were to be based) (1955; rev. 1958); a speech on economic security (1957); "Are We Making Progress in the Area of Economic Security?" delivered at the ANA Convention (1958); "Professional Dividends" (1958); "The A.B.C.'s of the E.S.P." (Economic Security Program), multiple drafts; ANA Convention Speech (1960); and Missouri State Nurses Association Speech (1961).

Correspondence includes: general correspondence (1954-1968); letters to Wolfson from the Minnesota Nurses Association (1961); and personal correspondence (1966-1968). Correspondence from other nursing leaders includes letters from: Ella Best, Executive Secretary, American Nursing Association; Barbara Schutt, Associate Executive Secretary, Pennsylvania Nurses Association; Agnes E.M. Anderson, Executive Secretary, Florida State Nurses Association; Jeanette R. Welsch, Executive Secretary, Wisconsin State Nurses Association; Signe S. Cooper, Wisconsin State Nurses Association; Marian G. Kent, Associate Editor, American Journal of Nursing; Thelma M. Schorr, Associate Editor, American Journal of Nursing;  Eileen McGloin, Associate Editor, American Journal of Nursing; Judith G. Whitaker, Executive Secretary, American Nurses Association; Thelma Brewington, Executive Director, Detroit District, Michigan State Nurses Association; Anne Zimmerman, Executive Secretary, Illinois State Nurses Association; Edna M. Morris, Education Assistant, American Journal of Nursing; Idalyne G. Lawhon, President, Florida State Nurses Association; Edith V. Peterson, Executive Secretary, Massachusetts Nurses Association; Hazel E. Gabrielson, Executive Director, Michigan State Nurses Association; Katherine E. Rehder; and Ruth W. Harper, Executive Director, Nurses Association of the Counties of Long Island.

Printed material includes: a number of items on labor relations); an issue of the American Journal of Nursing (1956); news clippings on the Farand Bill (1957); items on the history of nursing, including a brochure published by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (1959), and "Health Through the Ages," by Charles-Edward A. Winslow and Grace F. Hallock; items by Esther Raushenbush (1960); ANA Legislation News (1961-1962); ANA Membership Memoranda (1961, 1962); ANA Convention Journal (1962); general news clippings from the New York Times (1958-1962); items from the Wall Street Journal (1962); "At Last We're Doing Something about the Nursing Shortage," by Robert P. Goldman, Parade Magazine (1962); "Our Invisible Poor," by Dwight Macdonald; and "Metropolitan Medical Economics," by Nora K. Fine, reprinted from Scientific American (1965).

Memorabilia consists of the American Nurses Association Certificate of Incorporation (1960); and Wolfson's various member/delegate ribbons worn at various nursing conventions.
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