New England Hospital for Women and Children

The New England Hospital for Women and Children collection contains printed material, financial material, legal material, manuscripts, professional material, correspondence, memorabilia, artwork, and photographs.

Printed material includes The Puddingstone, a student newspaper from 1946 to 1950, organizational student cards from 1872 to 1931, an undated Linda Richards Memorial Room visitors’ book, and copies of books and articles regarding anniversaries of New England Hospital from 1862 to 1962. Assorted brochures, news clippings, and press releases from 1930 to 1950, and a program from the annual Massachusetts State Nurse Association from 1948 are also included. In addition, a 1900 certificate of incorporation, school catalogues from 1945 to 1951, and “A History of the Nurse’s Uniform” from 1943 are present, as well as various publications unrelated to N.E.H.W.C. from 1905 to 1952.

Financial material includes invoices, checks, and itemized supplies from 1859 to 1885, among other items.

Legal material includes various applications and permits from 1918, among other items.

Manuscripts include nurses’ records of patients from 1915 to 1924, training school data from 1862 to 1933, and the Hospital’s annual reports from 1862 to 1947, among other items.

Professional material includes a list of principals and superintendents of the school from 1936 to 1953, minutes and reports of training school from 1937 to 1951, a list of school evaluations from 1919 to 1950, and lists of alumnae at convocation with class years from 1873 to 1921.  Also included are questionnaires, directions, and reports regarding the evaluation of the school from 1912 to 1950, as well as faculty minutes and reports from 1941 to 1951, among other items.

Correspondence includes miscellaneous letters from 1939 to 1966 regarding the A.J.N. “Green Letter,” items from Nursing Progress Week from 1948 to 1968, and a correspondence requesting publicity from 1932 to 1958. Also included are a series of letters from Barrows, M. and Co. with N.E.H.W.C. regarding the disposal of plates, as well as a series of letters from Stella Goostray to Jean F. Martin from 1949.

Memorabilia includes an unidentified souvenir from the hospital from 1896, among other items.

Artwork includes two pages of penciled fashion sketches.

Photographs include undated prints of various leaders of the school, as well as black and white photos of hospital rooms, maternity and nursery scenes, an outpatient clinic, and nursing students in class. A collection of undated photos of members of the board and building exteriors are also included. A series of class photos with varying numbers of students, as well as individual portraits are present from 1886 to 1948. Also included are various undated copper, steel, and wood printing plates with images of hospital grounds and interiors, a bust of a woman, building exteriors, bird’s eye views of maps, and women doing various nurse-related activities, among other items.

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