Mahoney, Robert F. (1914-?)
The Robert F. Mahoney collection includes manuscripts, photographs, and other items.

Manuscripts in the collection include several complete drafts of Emergency and Disaster Nursing, broken down chapter by chapter, with table of contents; preface; title page; illustrations; and captions. Chapters include "The Threat of Disaster"; "Thermonuclear Disaster; The Nature of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare"; "Some Characteristics of Disaster"; "Readiness for Disaster"; "Organization of Civil Defense and Its Medical Facilities"; "Emergency Admissions to Hospitals"; "Principles of Emergency and Disaster Nursing"; "Supervising for People, Supplies, and Equipment"; "Emergency Measures in Shock and Hemorrhage"; "Wounds"; "Injuries Resulting From Excessive Heat and Cold"; "Skeletal Injuries"; "Poisons"; "Common Emergencies of the Digestive System; Respiratory and Cardiac Embarrassment"; "Psychological First Aid"; "Radiation Injuries"; "Emergency Childbirth"; "Health and Welfare Services in Disaster Areas"; "Health Services for the Uninjured Dislocated Population"; "Establishing Reception Centers for the Dislocated Population"; "Prevention of Epidemics Following Disasters"; "Appendix I: Emergency Medical Tags"; and "Appendix II: Major Disasters in the United States Since 1930 Causing the Death of 100 or More Residents." There are also manuscript corrections for the second edition. 

Photographs in the collection include of the original photographs from the first edition of Emergency and Disaster Nursing.  There is a set of the original illustrations for Emergency and Disaster Nursing, along with a set of printed illustrations reduced to the size they would appear in the book, as well as a set of original diagrams used in the book.

There is also an extremely partial set of printed galleys.
Notable Figures
1. Mahoney, Robert F.