Ellis, Rosemary (1919-1986)
The Rosemary Ellis collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and photographs. 

Manuscripts by Ellis include "Solitary Cyst of the Kidney," written as a surgical nursing case study (1942); "Nursing in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century," a memorandum prepared for Dr. Lucille E. Brown by participants in a workshop at University of California-Berkeley (1947); a transcript of a taped interview of Ellis, conducted by Catherine M. Morris of the University of Kansas (1968); "Unusual Sensory and Cognitive Disturbances of Postoperative Patients: a Research Problem" (1970); "The Nurse as Investigator and Member of the Research Team," published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (1970); "Values and Vicissitudes of the Scientist Nurse," published in Nursing Research, Vol. 19 (1970); "Sensory Deprivation as a Field of Study," by Ellis and C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., published in Nursing Research, Vol. 20, No. 1 (1971); reaction to Walker's "Toward a Clearer Understanding of the Concept of Nursing Theory," a book review published in Nursing Research (1971); a book review of Imogene M. King's Toward a Theory for Nursing: General Concepts of Human Behavior, published in Nursing Research (1971); "Critique of the Effects of Pre-Operative Pulmonary Impairment on the Post-operative Condition," prepared for the ANA Eighth Nursing Research Conference, Albuquerque, NM (1972); "Issues in Graduate Education in Nursing: Training for Research" (ca. 1970-1974); and "Humans as Instruments of Science," published posthumously (1996).  Manuscripts by others include various pieces read at Ellis' funeral; and manuscripts written for the first Rosemary Ellis Scholar's Retreat (1988) and the Second Rosemary Ellis Scholar's Retreat (1989).

Correspondence from Ellis in the collection includes letters from Catherine M. Morris (1968-1970); Helen Nahm, Dean Emeritus, University of California School of Nursing, San Francisco (1969); Loretta E. Heidgerken, of Catholic University of America (1971); Lucille E. Notter, Editor, Nursing Research (1971); and Mrs. Sada Nagano, Managing Director of the International Nursing Foundation of Japan (1973).  Also present are Ellis' letters to her friend and colleague, Virginia Ohlson, written by Ellis as an observer and  recorder of her final illness, with descriptions of the onslaught of her illness, the medicine taken, and its effects (1985).

Printed material in the Ellis collection includes various published articles by Ellis; material regarding Ellis' death; and "Contributions of Rosemary Ellis to Knowledge Development for Nursing," by Jana L. Pressler and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Image: the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Vol. 20, No. 1 (1988).

Photographs in the collection include black and white photos of Ellis as a child, in college, and on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.
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