Geister, Janet M. (1885-1964)
The Janet M. Geister collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include a number of reports and studies from various branches overseen by the ANA or supported by the organization. There are also complete and fragmentary drafts of articles and stories by Geister and others, dealing with the many diverse aspects of the health care profession. There is also manuscript material related to the many speeches delivered by Geister during her career. Reports in the collection were generated by the  ANA Field Study Committee (1931); the National Committee on the Distribution of Nursing Services (1932); a brief study on Community Nursing (1934); the Committee to Study the Florence Nightingale International Foundation (1947-1952); and the ANA Report to the Advisory Committee on Programs for Foreign Nurses (1952). Complete drafts of articles by Geister include "Private Duty Nursing" (1926); "Evaluating Public Health Nursing"; "Public Health Nursing, Part I"; "The Eight-Hour Day for Special Nurses"; "The Nurse's Part in Hospital Publicity"; and an early draft of the article "Economic Security is More than Money: Nurses Must Regain Their Identity," published in The Modern Hospital (1962). There are also complete drafts of articles on health care topics written by others (1961-1962); drafts of speeches delivered by Geister (1914-1957); and several short pieces by Geister having nothing to do with nursing, including "Pride Goeth before a Fish"; these latter are unpublished.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters to Geister from Herbert Hoover thanking Geister for her participation in a White House Conference on Child Health and Protection (ca. 1929-1933); National and State Nursing Association officers (1947-1951, 1956); Clara A. Webber, Executive Secretary, Minnesota Nurses Association (1947); the International Council of Nurses (1948); Maude B. Carson, Chief, Bureau of Nursing, State of Illinois Department of Public Health (1950; 1952); the Florence Nightingale International Foundation and Ecole Florence Nightingale, Bordeaux, France (1951), both supported by the ANA; Margaret Ranck, Chairman, Public Health Section, Department of Public Health, Division of Hospitals and Chronic Illness (1951); Ella Best, Executive Secretary, ANA to the Presidents, Executive/Elected Chairmen of Committees on Legislation of State Nurses’ Associations (1956);  the Arch-Bishop of Boston (1956); Elizabeth Carnegie, Editor, Nursing Outlook (1957); and Rex N. Olsen, Managing Editor, Hospitals: Journal of the American Hospital Association (1964). Correspondence from Geister includes letters directed to the American Association of Industrial Nurses (AAIN) (1953-1959); to Catherine B. Hacaday, Arkansas State Nurses’ Association (1954); Mrs. Mesecher, Executive Secretary, Third District, Minnesota Nurses’ Association (1954), with response; Sarah McCracken, General Secretary, District Four, Ohio State Nurses Association (1954); R.M. Cunningham, Editor, Modern Hospital (1956); Harry Barnard, Columnist, Chicago Daily News (1959); the Editor, Chicago Sun-Times (1961); and James E. Hague, Editor, Hospitals (1964).

One scrapbook in the collection consists of: thumbnail sketches of evolution; overproduction of nurses, criticisms; informed and judicious opinions and recommendations; change and gain; and personnel practices.  The other scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings, as well as the birth certificate for Janet Marie Louise Sophie Geister, born 1885.

Memorabilia in the collection includes a book of signatures presented to Geister by the American Association of Industrial Nurses (1952); a Sherman Hospital School of Nursing pin (ca. 1900); an Association of Operating Room Nurses pin; an American National Red Cross pin no. 4836; and a nurse uniform.  Certificates and citations in the collection include: a diploma granted by Sherman Hospital Training School for Nurses, Elgin, Illinois (1900); certificate of Completion of Service in the Department of Cook County Hospital, granted by the Illinois Training School for Nurses (1911); certificate of course completion, granted by the Summer Session of the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy (1912 and 1914); Registered Nurse certificate, granted by the Illinois State Board of Nurse Examiners (1914); certificate of meritorious service in the Children's Bureau, granted by the U.S. Department of Labor (1917-1919); Certificate of Literacy, granted by the University of the State of New York (1924); Registered Nurse license (1926); certificate of award granted by The Modern Hospital (1949); certificate of honorary membership, granted by the Illinois League of Nursing (1957); and a certificate of honorary membership, granted by the Student Nurse Association of Illinois (1959).

Photographs in the collection include a number of early Geister family photos (1895-1950); the Geister family home in Elgin, Illinois (ca. 1895); other locations in Elgin (ca. 1905); and a series of photographs of the Geisterville Lodge, the family's summer compound near Hayward, Wisconsin (ca. 1897-1942). There are photographs of Geister at various speaking engagements; at conferences and conventions (1950s); and a portrait photo of Geister taken while she was Associate Editor of The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review, New York City (1940). Other photographs in the collection include informal snapshots of Geister at various events (1959-1962).

Printed material in the collection is extensive, including items written by Geister and others.  The collection includes articles by Geister that appeared in The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review (1916-1945); R.N. (1947-1956); Modern Hospital (1957-1961); Nursing Outlook (1957-1958); Practical Nurse Digest (1958); The Journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (1959); and the ALA Bulletin (1964). Examples of her work include: "Hearsay and Facts in Private Duty," reprinted from The American Journal of Nursing (1926) and The Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, Vol. X, No. 4 (1926); "Team Play for the Benefit of the Patient," Medical Times (1927); "Eight-Hour Day for Special Nurses: Some Experimental Results," The Modern Hospital (1927);  "Producing Nurses That Wear Well," The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review (1935); "Joffrey Has a Fever," The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review (1937); "Pioneering in 1938," The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review (1938); and "Where Does Nurse Education Really Belong?" a letter to the editor of Modern Hospital, Vol. 90, No. 1 (1958). The collection also contains obituaries of Geister from various publications (1964-1965).
Notable Figures
1. Geister, Janet M.