Van de Vrede, Jane (1880-1972)
The Jane Van de Vrede collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscript material in the Jane Van de Vrede collection includes drafts of speeches, papers, essays, and reports related to her work regarding the American Nurses Association (1926-1939); the United States Army (1917-1929); business and professional women’s clubs (1928); and diseases. There are also drafts of essays on "Ideals" (1926-1933); "Leadership"; "Lights from Many Lamps" (1956); "Saint Paul" (undated); "Service" (1926-1933); "Progress" (1922); the Georgia State Nurses Association (1907-1958); the Georgia state Association of Graduate Nurses (1913-1916, 1961); "Social Work" (1923); "Standards of Nursing" (1926-1935); State Board of Examiners of Nurses in Georgia (1946, 1955); Legislation in Nursing (1920-1933); Tennessee State Nurses Association (1926-1933); "History of Nursing" (1927-1950s); "Nursing Organization" (1926-1933); "Nursing as a Profession" (1914-1957); "Nursing Organizations within the State" (1933); "Public Health" (1917-1933); "Published Essays" (1920-1924, 1955); Red Cross (1917-1933); "Science" (1926-1933); "A Report on Some Projects of the W.P.A." (1933-1943); a speech on Women's Work in the W.P.A. (1938); "Cooperation Between the Medical and Nursing Professions" (1927); index cards for various speeches (1920-1933); "General Duty Nursing – Its Development and Outlook," an essay (ca. 1956); "Outline of Areas of Duty for Directors and Assistant Directors of Nursing Service and Staff"; "A Statement of Functions of the Licensed Practical Nurse," prepared by the ANA and the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (1957); "Nursing as an Essential Community Service"; "The Nurse and the Common Health" (1914); "The Nurse and Her Volunteer Workers" (1917-1924); "Recruitment of Practical Nurses" (1926-1933); "Some Keystone Essentials to Effective Work" (1926-1933); "The Spirit of Nursing" (1957); "What's the Matter with Nursing? Over-Production of Nurses," read before the House of Delegates of the Medical association of Georgia (1932); various speeches on nursing education (1926-1933); and writing related to the proposed National Organization of Hospital Schools of Nursing (1949).

Correspondence includes letters by Van de Vrede in reply to the League's President that question the advancement of the proposal of a National Organization of Hospital Schools of Nursing, along with correspondence between others regarding the same question (1947-1950); letters of recommendation, sponsoring Jane Van de Vrede's nomination for the Saunders Medal (1933-1938); and other material.

Photographs include portraits of nursing leaders Isobel Hampton Robb, Sophia F. Palmer, Jane Delano, and Linda Richards; the Graduating Class of Registered Midwives (1929); and the Red Cross Nursing Service Banner and an old Red Cross uniform.

Printed material includes essays by Van de Vrede published in The Southern Medical Journal (1921) and the Mountain Herald from Harrogate, Tennessee (1955); and essays on the Red Cross (1917-1933); social work (1923); and the "Standard of Nursing" (1926-1935).  There are also newspaper clippings concerning Van de Vrede's refusal of a desk job, choosing nursing instead (1920); clippings of articles by Van de Vrede, "Nursing as an Occupation" and "Nursing As a Field for College Women"; reprinted articles (not written by Van de Vrede) from American Journal of Nursing (1929); Hospital Management (1930); Editorials (1931) and Bulletin of the American Hospital Association (1932); a number of papers written by others on the Georgia State League of Nursing (1926, 1945); Nursing Care (1937); and Georgia's Laws and Opinions on Segregation (1956); and a selection of poems by various authors and biographical information on Van de Vrede, including a professional history and her application for Federal employment (1942).
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1. Van de Vrede, Jane, 1880-1972
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