Flores, Florence (1903-1995)
The Florence Flores collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Flores include: A History of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, presented as a speech in the form of a letter addressed to a “Miss Bellows,” (1955); Report to Legislature Research Council, by Flores, member (1956); Survey of P.H. Hospital, Brighton (1957); Survey of Nashua Hospital School of Nursing, Nashua, NH (1957); Survey of Nursing Service Department, Concord Hospital, Concord, NH (1959); University of Florida (1960-1962); and Consultant's Visit: Bridgeport (1963). Manuscript material not by Flores includes: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Report of the Special Commission Established to Study the Shortage of Nurses in Massachusetts, House No. 3126 (1957); Nursing Criteria for Evaluation of Pain, Abstract of a Field Study, by Mary Daniels (1958); Report of Field Experience, by Alice I. Davis (1960); and A Study of the Census of 7 Medical-Surgical Wards at Massachusetts Memorial Hospitals, by Agnes Mullins, Boston University School of Nursing (1963).   

Correspondence includes letters from: Courtney Dinwiddle, Secretary, New York City Visiting Committee of the State Charities and Associations for the Department of Public Charities and for Bellevue and Allied Hospitals, to Superintendents, Training School, Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital (1907); Walter E. Fernald, Superintendent, Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded, to Whom It May Concern (1911); Sara E. Parsons, Superintendent of Nurses, Massachusetts General Hospital, to Alice H. Flash, Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital (1914); W. Lawler, Superintendent of Nurses, Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, to Alice H. Flash (1916); Adelaide Nutting, Teacher's College, Columbia University, to Alice H. Flash (1916); Wallace Nutting, President, Wallace Nutting, Inc., providing a reference for a Miss Ava Bryant (1918); Bertha W. Allen, Chairman, to the Superintendent of the Training School, Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital (1921); Minnie Goodnow, Superintendent of Nurses, Newport Rhode Island Hospital, to Flores (1929, 1947); Richard P. MacKnight, M.D., Director, Division of Hospitals, Department for Public Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to Flores (1948); Marion F. Eddy, Director of Education, Union Hospital, Fall River, to Flores, with response (1949); Clarence R. Elam, Executive  Secretary, Council Chamber, State House, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to Flores (1954); Roland A. Merullo, Assistant Secretary, Executive Department, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to Flores (1954); multiple letters from Christian A. Herter, Governor of Massachusetts, to Flores (1956); Dr. Bernard Bandler, Chairman, to  Dr. Bailer; Dr. Greer; and Florence Flores, ex officio (1961); Harry T. Phillips, M.D., Director, Division of Cancer and Chronic Diseases, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Health, to Flores (1963); Agnes W. Chagas, Regional Adviser in Nursing Education, Pan-American Health Organization, Pan-American Sanitary Bureau, Regional Office of the World Health Organization, to Flores (1963); Ella W. Allison, Director of Nursing, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, to Flores (1968); Irene S. Palmer, Dean, Boston University School of Nursing, to Flores (1968); Boston University School of Nursing to members of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Dean Palmer's Definition of Nursing (1968);  and Irene S. Palmer to all Faculty Members (1968). Correspondence from Florence Flores includes: Flores writing to Marie Farrell, Dean, Boston University School of Nursing, with responses (1959); to Ethel Steuben, Assistant Executive Secretary, A.N.A., with response (1960); to Gisela A. Mayer, Assistant, Nursing, Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, to Dr. Bernard Bandler, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Medical Staff (1961); from Flores, Director of Nursing, Boston University Medical Center, University Hospital, to Dr. Charles Robertson, Chairman, Committee on Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Massachusetts Memorial Hospital (1963-1967); from Flores, Director of Nursing, Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, to Dr. Phillip D. Bonnet, Massachusetts Memorial Hospital (1964); and a memorandum to Members of the Committee on Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Massachusetts Memorial Hospital (1967).

The collection includes a photograph of Flores with Dr. Phillip D. Bonnet, used in a 1948 Annual Report for Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, photograph by Robert J. Keller Studios, Boston (1948); and a photograph of Flores as Director of Nursing, Massachusetts Memorial Hospital (1949).  

Memorabilia in the collection consists of diplomas and certificates, including: a diploma from the Union Hospital School of Nursing (1926); registration certificates for Massachusetts and New York (1927); a registration certificate for Rhode Island; a certification document, issued by the Rhode Island Board of Examiners of Trained Nurses, recognizing Florence Flores as certified to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Rhode Island (1932);  Massachusetts League of Nursing Education Certificate, signed by Louis Block, Director of the Institute on Cost Analysis for Schools of Nursing, given at Simmons College, and by Rita P. Kelleher, President, M.L.N.E. (1948); American Hospital Association certificate, signed by George Bugbee, Executive Director, A.H.A. (1951); Advisory Committee of Nursing Outlook Certificate, signed by Ruth Adams, Chairman (1953); Editorial Board of Nursing Research Magazine Certificate, signed by Helen L. Bunge, Chairman (1953); Appointment by Governor Christian A. Herter to membership on the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (1956); and Federal Security Agency, U.S. Public Health Service Certificate, signed by Thomas Parran, Surgeon General.

Printed material includes: Regulations for Nurses in Union Hospital, Fall River, MA (1926); Constitution and By-Laws of the Nurses Alumnae Association of the Union Hospital; program from the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Nurses Alumnae Association, Union Hospital (1931); Report of Flores, grade 12 (1934-1935); program from Graduation Exercises, Town Hall, Milford, NH (1935); program from Baccalaureate Service, Class of 1935; Class of 1935 Diploma (1935); program from Baccalaureate Service, Simmons College (1938); Bachelor of Science Diploma, Simmons College (1938); Flores' War Ration Book No.3 (1942); "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema," by Horace Miner, University of Michigan, reprinted from American Anthropologist, Vol. 58 (1958); and Boston College School of Nursing Announces Professional Enrichment Series III (1968).
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