Henderson, Virginia (1898-1996)
The Virginia Henderson collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, printed material, and other material.

Manuscripts include a draft of Henderson's fundamental text, Nature of Nursing, published by MacMillan (1965); there are also drafts of the same title, edited for use as lecture material. Henderson was a sought-after speaker; and there are numerous examples of her addresses given at a number of academic institutions, nursing schools, and hospitals, as well as professional conferences. Titles include: "Nature and Means of Developing an Index to Publications on Nursing and Nurses," prepared by Henderson as part of a Conference on Indexing, held at the World Health Organization, Geneva, and the International Council of Nurses, London (1963); "The Privilege of Joining Today's Nurses in Tomorrow's Nursing" (1966); "Library Resources: Their Development and Use by Nurses," written for the International Council of Nurses (1967); "Is the Role of Nursing Changing?" (1968); "Health Is Everybody's Business" (1970); "How the Concepts of Nursing Have Affected Nursing Research" (1977); "Creativity in Nursing Practice" (1978); and "Preserving the Essence of Nursing in a Technological Era" (1980). There is manuscript material related to studies conducted by students in Henderson's "Comparative Nursing Practices" course taught in the 1930s and 1940s; "Research in Nursing Practice – When?", an editorial written by Henderson, published in Nursing Research (1958); "Who Shall Pay for Nursing Education?", by Henderson and Blanche Pfefferkorn, the basis for a panel discussion held at a National League of Nursing Conference (1947), along with a number of similar material from a number of such conferences up to 1949. There is a proposed outline for a course at Teachers’ College, Columbia University (1945), a proposal for a Clinical Ward Teaching Program, along with other course outlines, unit teaching plans, reading lists, and exams. There are also notes and partial drafts for a history of the Army School of Nursing to be written by Henderson, but the project was never completed. There are manuscript drafts of various foreign language translations of Henderson’s Basic Principles of Nursing Care, including: Spanish (1958); Indonesian (1966); Swedish (1969); and Finnish (1970). There is also a transcript of an interview of Henderson conducted by Mary Ann Garrigan (1975).

Correspondence in the collection includes letters to Henderson from Annie W. Goodrich, first Dean of the Yale School of Nursing (1930-1954); general correspondence (1953-1988); letters to Henderson from Margaret G. Arnstein, Dean, Yale School of Nursing (1958-1972); letters related to the National Library of Medicine Materials, N.E. Region, Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Library Resources (1967-1970); letters from Henderson to Mary Ann Garrigan (1970-1971); correspondence related to the Indexing Conferences in Geneva and London, including letters to Henderson from Lyle Creelman, Chief Nurse, World Health Organization (1963); Yvonne Cross, Editor, Nursing Mirror (1963); Helen Nussbaum, General Secretary, International Council of Nurses (1963); P.D. Nuttall, Editor, Nursing Times (1963); Marjorie Wenger, Editor, International Nursing Review (1963); correspondence related to a national survey project primarily conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service and a variety of universities and state nursing associations (the final report, "A Survey and Assessment of Nursing Research," was compiled for publication by Henderson and Leo Simmons, and was published in 1964); correspondence related to the Intercollegiate Conference for Students of Nursing, held at Boston University (1966); congratulatory letters to Henderson on the publication of The Nature of Nursing from Faye Abdellah, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Division of Nursing (1966); Anne Kibrick, Boston University School of Nursing (1966); Barbara G. Schutt, American Journal of Nursing (1966); Executive Secretary, Danish Nurses Organization, correspondence related to the International Council of Nurses from Sheila Quinn, Executive Director, International Council of Nurses (1967-1969); Brigit Tauber, Nursing Officer, National Health Service of Denmark (1969); Margrethe Kruse (1969); and Alice N. C. Thompson, Editor, International Nursing Review (1970); correspondence related to the proceedings of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for Library Resources for Nursing in the New England region on Funding Title II ESEA, correspondents include: Edward W. Brooke, Alan Cranston, Thomas J. Dodd, Thomas F. Eagleton, Jacob K. Javits, Edward M. Kennedy, Edmund S. Muskie, and Claiborne Pell, among others (1969).

Memorabilia in the collection includes a souvenir case from the International Council of Nurses Congress, Frankfurt, Germany (1965); an identification badge and Purple Ribbon of Honorary Membership, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (1975); nursing pins from the Boston Floating Hospital; the Army School of Nursing (1921); the American Red Cross Nursing Service; and the Connecticut Nurses Association (1974). Diplomas in the collection include the Army School of Nursing (1921); a Bachelor of Science, Teachers’ College, Columbia University (1932); an Instruction in Schools of Nursing diploma, Teachers’ College, Columbia University (1932); a Master of Arts, Teachers College, Columbia University (1934); a Florence Nightingale Memorial Scholarship awarded to Henderson by the Florence Nightingale Memorial Committee on the 150th anniversary of Nightingale’s birth (1970); Doctor of Science, Rush University, Chicago (1975); and Doctor of Nursing Science, Boston College (1983).  Awards in the collection include the Nursing Education Alumni Association, Teachers College, Columbia University, Alumni Achievement Award in Nursing Practice presented to Virginia Henderson, Educator, Researcher, Practitioner (1970); the Mary Adelaide Nutting Award (1977); and the Mary Tolle Wright Award, Sigma Theta Tau (1983). Certificates in the collection include a Certificate of Registration, State of Virginia, issued to Virginia Henderson (1923); a Certificate of Registration, State of New York, issued to Virginia Henderson (1923); a Certificate of Honorary Membership, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (1975); a Certificate of Honorary Fellowship presented to Virginia Henderson by the Royal College of Nursing, United Kingdom (1978); and an ANA Citation (1983). 

Photographs in the collection include students at the Medical College of Virginia; an people at Teachers College, Columbia University; Henderson riding a donkey at Lindos, Island of Rhodes, Greece; a statue of a child holding a lamb, presented to Teachers College by Henderson, in memory of Edna Cladel; Henderson with her classmates at Teachers College; snapshots of Henderson in her student uniform; the Boston Floating Hospital; Henderson in red academic robes and cap (1971); a photograph album of a visit to Belfast City Hospital, Northern Ireland (1979); and a photograph of Henderson with a group of Japanese nurses at the International Council of Nurses, Los Angeles (1981).

Printed material in the collection includes the article "Medical and Surgical Asepsis" by Henderson, published in The Nursing Education Bulletin, New Series, Bulletin III (1935); a setting copy for the fifth edition of Principles and Practices of Nursing, by Henderson and Bertha Hamer (1955); "Annie Warburton Goodrich," by Henderson, published in American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 55 (1955); reviews of the textbook Nursing Research: A Study and Assessment by Henderson and Leo Simmons, in Nursing Times (1964); Canadian Nurse, Vol. 61, No. 3 (1965); American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 65, No.2 (1965); a galley proof of The Nature of Nursing by Henderson (ca. 1965); numerous programs from various annual meetings of professional associations and leagues of nursing from around the country (1965-1969); "Library Resources in Nursing: Their Development and Use," by Henderson, International Nursing Review (1968); "Is the Role of Nursing Changing?" by Henderson, The Weather Vane: West Virginia Nursing Journal (1968); an article on Henderson in the University of Western Ontario News, Vol. 4, No. 37 (1969); "Health is Everybody's Business," by Henderson, Canadian Nurse (1971); a program from "A Time with Virginia Henderson," presented by the Victoria Hospital School of Nursing, London, Ontario (1970); a program from the Boston College School of Nursing Bicentennial Award Ceremony (Henderson was the award recipient, 1976); a program from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Henderson?" by Caroline Darby, Nursing Mirror (1977); a program from the Mary Adelaide Nutting Award Ceremony (Henderson was the award recipient, 1977); and "Preserving the Essence of Nursing in a Technological Age," by Henderson, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 5 (1980). The occasion of Henderson's ninetieth birthday was celebrated by a number of institutions; there is material documenting these celebrations observed by Yale University; Sigma Theta Tau; the Royal College of Nursing; Universidad de Barcelona; the Connecticut League for Nursing; and the International Council of Nurses (1987-1988). There are also notices and obituaries for Henderson from a number of publications, including The New York Times; News and Advance, Lynchburg, VA; Yale University and Massachusetts General Hospital (1996).

In addition, there is material in the Virginia Henderson collection regarding two other nurses of importance: Annie Warburton Goodrich (1866-1954), nurse/academic; and Effie J. Taylor (1874-1970), a nurse pioneer in the field of psychiatric and mental health nursing. The Goodrich section includes: "The Definition of Nursing," a privately printed pamphlet (1946); "Annie Warburton Goodrich: Her First Eighty Years, a Tribute," published in the American Journal of Nursing and presented at her birthday luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria (1946); and manuscript material related to "The International Council of Nurses: The Basic Principles of Nursing" by Annie W. Goodrich, printed in ten languages (1964). The Effie J. Taylor material includes photographs, clippings, and correspondence.
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