Freeman, Ruth (1906-1982)
The Ruth B. Freeman collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, printed material, and videos.

Manuscripts in the collection includes: speeches by Freeman given at meetings of hospital administrators, at women's clubs, and at various nursing school ceremonies, conferences, and workshops (1945-1972); excerpts from the Philadelphia Public Health Survey (1949); "Public Health Nursing in the Department of Health and Public Welfare, Province of Manitoba, Canada" (1953); follow-up material related to the Philadelphia Public Health Survey (1953, 1965, 1968); "Study of the Visiting Nurse Association of Baltimore," conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, by Merrill L. Stout, M.D., Chairman, and Freeman (1954-1955); "Report on Nursing Services," prepared by the Baltimore County Health Department, with the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, Department of Public Health Administration (1958); "Report and Working Papers of the Meeting of the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Public Nursing, Geneva, Switzerland" (1958), with Freeman as a member of the committee; "A Method for Appraising Family/Public Health Nursing Needs: Report of a Trial," by Freeman and Marie Lowe (1961); "Nursing in the World Health Organization," by Freeman, W.H.O. Consultant, at the Meeting of the Zone Nurse Advisors, Washington, D.C. (1965); "Meeting of Zone Nurse Advisors – Final Report," by Freeman (1966); "Public Health Administration 10 and Public Health Nursing," general outline and notes by Freeman for her course taught at Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health (1967); "Is a Rational System of Nursing Possible?" by Freeman (1967); "Public Health: Going Up – Or Out?" by Freeman (1970); book chapters from Freeman's Community Health Nursing Practices (1971); "The Nurse Midwife in the Community Health Nursing Team," by Freeman (1972); "Family Coping as an Index of Public Health Nursing Need," by Freeman and Marie Lowe (ca. 1973); "Decision Process in Family Care," by Freeman (1975); "Nursing: Alternative Scenarios for the Future," by Freeman (1976); and "Estimating Family Needs for Community Nursing, Part I: The Family as a Unit of Assessment," by Freeman and Marie Lowe.  There is also manuscript material by Freeman related to her involvement with The Journal of Nursing Administration (she was a contributing editor) and the International Council of Nurses and the International Council of Nurses Review. The collection contains a draft of an editorial for the Journal of Nursing Administration titled "The Nurse Specialist: Cure or Cop Out?" (1971); "Position Statement on Home Health Services," issued by the Home Health Agency Liaison Committee, Associated Hospital Service of New York (1971); "Public Health Nursing," by the Faculty, Department of Public Health Nursing, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1974); "Nurse Practitioners in the Community Health Agency" (ca. 1975); as well as a number of manuscripts by authors that were evaluated by Freeman in her editorial capacity. The collection also contains a manuscript draft of "The Expanding Role of Nursing: Some Implications," written for the International Council of Nurses Review (1972). There are several drafts of speeches written by nurse-educator, Lucile Petry Leone; they include "The Art of Nursing" (1954); "The Changing Needs of People" (1956); "Federal Government Action on Challenges in Nursing" (1959); "Social Characteristics Affecting Planning for Nursing Education" (1962); and an obituary for Freeman, written for Nursing Outlook (1983). 

Correspondence in the Freeman collection covers the period from 1950 to 1979. Some of the earliest letters pertain to the World Health Organization, with the majority of letters to Freeman from Lyle Creelman, Chief Nursing Officer (1958-1967). Other correspondence from that period includes letters to Freeman from Helen Nussbaum, Director, International Council of Nurses (1967); and from Yvonne Hentsch, League of Societies of the Red Cross (1967). Also present are letters between Freeman and her student Janet Geister (1958-1964); letters between Freeman and Rebecca Lyons Bergman, Department of Nursing, Tel Aviv University, Israel (1962-1975); letters between Freeman and Mary Ann Garrigan, Boston University, Mugar Memorial Library, Nursing Archives (1973-1979); and letters between Freeman and Joy Brann, Lecturer, College of Nursing, Australia, Western Australia Branch, Perth (1974-1979).  In addition, there are letters from Margaret C.E. Commaert, Chief Nurse, Pan American Sanitary Bureau (1975); Marian I. Murphy, Dean, University of Maryland School of Nursing (1975); and Doris B. Yingling, Dean, School of Nursing, Virginia Commonwealth University (1975). There is also correspondence concerning workshops, conferences, and consultations between Freeman and Marie L. Lowe, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1972-1973); with various universities and service agencies in Alabama; British Columbia; California; the District of Columbia; Indiana; Iowa; Maryland; Ohio; and Pennsylvania (1964-1979); and with Evelyn R. Barrett, Dean of University of Iowa School of Nursing, on plans to develop a Graduate Major in Community Health (1976).

Photographs in the Freeman collection include a photograph of Freeman, President of the N.L.N., congratulating Second Lieutenant Edward L.T. Lyon on being the first male nurse sworn into the Army Nurse Corps Reserve (1947); Freeman at the White House with President Dwight D. Eisenhower (ca. 1953-1959); Freeman, President of the N.L.N., with Sister Charles Marie, Chairman of the Committee of the Future at a press conference before an N.L.N. Convention (1957); Freeman with Martha Rogers at New York University (1958); Freeman, participant in a National Conference on Mental Health in Public Training (1958); several group photos including Freeman, taken in the Philippines (1965); Freeman, Ruth Sleeper, Lucile Petry Leone, and Ann Conley in New York City (1965); Freeman and others at a Red Cross Convention, Philadelphia (1966); Bachrach Studio portrait of Freeman (1966); W.H.O. Expert Committee on Nursing, Freeman in plaid caped suit (1966); Ruth B. Freeman as Speaker at Oklahoma League for Nursing (1968); Ruth B. Freeman at a Johns Hopkins reception for students (1969); Ruth B. Freeman at Duke University (1969); Freeman at a University of Alberta, Canada, workshop (1970); Freeman outside of Johns Hopkins (1971); a set of photographs taken at a workshop on Future Distinguished Nursing Education, arranged by the Nursing Division of Public Health Services, chaired by Ruth B. Freeman (1973); Freeman awarding the Martha May Eliot Award to Arthur Lisser, Association for Public Health Administrators; and other photos of meetings, parties, and N.L.N. meetings.

Memorabilia in the collection consists of a U.S. Civil Service fingerprint chart; and blue enamel and gold pin, Virginia Public Health Association, with the inscription: "Virginia Public Health Association, Health is Wealth, Service to All."  Certificates, citations, and awards include a citation from the Venezuelan Association of Public Health Educators (1947); an appointment citation from the President of the US to Freeman, Nurse Director in the Reserve Corps of the Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, from August 1, 1957 in continuance at the Pleasure of the President (1957); certificate issued by the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C., stating that Freeman has successfully completed the correspondence course, The Economics of National Security (1959); citation announcing Freeman as a  "duly appointed member of the Governor's Staff, as Oregon's Ambassador-at-Large, serving the State's Centennial Celebration" (1959); certificate issued by the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, signifying that Freeman has fulfilled the membership conditions, and has been admitted as a Member of the Royal Society of Health and may use the designation, M.R.S. H., London, England (1963); Certificate of Service from the ANA to Freeman, Ed. D., as a Member of the Executive Committee, Development on Community Health Nursing Practice (1973); and a Certificate presented to Freeman by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institute of Health, in appreciation of services as a member of the Public Health Review Committee (1973).

Printed material in the collection includes: "Teaching Nurses to Teach," by Freeman, published in American Journal of Nursing (1942); "Facilities for Tuberculosis Care and Nursing," by Freeman, published in American Journal of Nursing (1949); "The Public Health Nurse as a Family Counselor," by Freeman, published in American Journal of Public Health (1952); "Nursing Care Following Exposure to Ionizing Radiation," by Freeman, published in American Journal of Nursing (1951); "Early Years of Teamwork in Public Health Nursing," by Alma C. Haupt, reprinted from American Journal of Nursing (1953); "Administration in Public Health, by Freeman et al, published in American Journal of Public Health (1954); "Wanted: Good Nursing," by Lucile Petry Leone, reprinted from Nursing Outlook (1957); "Developments in Education of Public Health Nurses for School Health Work," by Freeman, published in American Journal of Nursing; "Impact of Public Health on Society," by Freeman, printed in Public Health Reports, Vol. 76 (1961); "Patient Care Research: Report of a Symposium," by Freeman et al, published in American Journal of Public Health (1963); "A Method for Appraising Family Public Health Needs," by Freeman and Marie L. Lowe, published in American Journal of Public Health (1963); and a copy of the galleys for Community Health Nursing Practice, by Freeman (1981). Articles by Freeman also appeared in Public Health Nurse (1930-1944); The Minnesota Registered Nurse (1947); Ohio Nurses Review (1952); Canadian Nurse (1953); Military Medicine (1953); The Philippine Journal of Nursing (1956); Boletin de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana (1956); Nursing World (1958); Journal of American Associations of Medical Records Librarians (1960); Hospital Management (1960); Nursing Outlook (1961); Public Health Reports (1961, 1963); The Canadian Journal of Public Health (1964); Maryland Nursing News (1967); The Nurse in Israel (1969); and The International Nursing Review (1972). There are newspaper clippings concerning Freeman's election as President of the N.L.N. (1955); her activities in the Philippines (1965); the V.N.A. (1968); and as a dynamic health leader (1959-1970) from various publications. 
Video material in the collection consists entirely of video cassettes of nursing leaders, which includes interviews with Ruth Benson Freeman and Lucile Petry Leone, among others (1979).
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