Blanchfield, Florence (1884-1971)
The Florence A. Blanchfield collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts by Blanchfield include drafts of speeches and miscellaneous articles on nursing for Army Nurse and Red Cross Nurse (1926); Army Nurse Corps Director reports on the health of troops in the Pacific Theater (1946); "History of Army Nurse Corps" (1953); "To all members of the Army Nurse Corps" (1967); multiple drafts of a memorial speech made at Arlington National Cemetery (1967); "The Relationship of the Daughters of the American Revolution to the Army Nurse Corps"; "Large Streams from Little Fountains Flow"; and other items.  Manuscripts by others include "Today's new nurses: what do we expect of them in military hospitals?" by Colonel Mildred I. Clark, Chief, Army Nurse Corps (1964); "Army Nurse Corps History," by Major Ely; and other items.

General correspondence in the Blanchfield collection dates from 1928 with correspondence from Blanchfield to the Army Nurse Corps (1928, 1933-1935); followed by her correspondence with Clara D. Noyes, American Red Cross (1934); Ida F. Butler, Director of Nursing, American Red Cross; Katherine J. Densford, President of the ANA (1945); and Emanuel Celler, Chairman to the House Judiciary Committee (1952). There is correspondence to Blanchfield from the Department of Defense concerning her Record of Assignment and pay (1920-1946) and her claim for back pay (1942). Personal correspondence in the collection includes letters to Blanchfield from her niece, Gertrude (1930-1934). Other correspondence to Blanchfield includes letters from Major General James C. Mayee, Surgeon General (1940); Anna D. Wolfe, Director, Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing and Nursing Service (1943); Elizabeth B. Hodgson, Editor, The Service Woman (1943); Effie J. Taylor, Yale School of Nursing (1944); Mrs. Mabel K. Stampers, Executive Secretary, National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses (1945); Eli Ginzberg, War Department (1945); Mary M. Roberts, Editor, American Journal of Nursing (1945-1952); Major General Norman T. Kirk, Surgeon General (1945-1946); Brigadier General George E. Armstrong (1947); Edwin C. Johnson, Chairman, U.S. Senate Committee on Interstate and Foreign commerce (1949-1952); Frances P. Bolton, Representative from Ohio, to Blanchfield and members of the Medical, Surgical; Dental; and Nursing Professions (1950); and Jackie Martin, Creative Commissions Consultant, regarding a history of nurses in World War II (1958). Other correspondence to Blanchfield relates to a history of the Army Nurse Corps (1958-1967); and there is correspondence to Blanchfield concerning the West Virginia Centennial from Brigadier General Gene H. Williams, Adjutant General, West Virginia (1963). 

Photographs in the collection include several black and white Blanchfield family group photos in various sizes, as well as several solo portrait photographs of Florence Blanchfield. There are a number of World War II-era photographs of Blanchfield with Mary M. Roberts; and Blanchfield with Colonel Julia O. Flikke. There are also a number of photographs that do not feature Blanchfield; these include a group photo of Lucille Petry, Nellie DeWitt, Florence Johnson, Nell Beebe, and Pearl McIver; a solo portrait photo of Lucille Petry; a group photo of Nell Beebe, Florence Johnson, and Mary W. Roberts; and a photo of Mary Roberts with Sophia Nelson.

Printed material in the collection includes Washington Post Parade Magazine (1945); "Nurses: This is Why You Are Needed at the Front, Now!" unidentified Washington, D.C. newspaper; circulars, bulletins, etc. from the War Department (1946-1966); Congressional Record reprints (1947-1966); "Earliest Known Connection of Nurses with Army Hospitals in the United States," by Major Julia C. Stimson; "The Tradition and Destiny of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps" (1950), brochure; "Nursing Services Outside the Hospital for Cardiovascular Disease Patients," by Margaret Denham, Sidney Abraham, and L.M. Graves, reprinted from Public Health Reports, Vol. 74, No. 1 (1959) and U.S. Army Recruiting and Career Counseling Journal (1966); "Dedication of the Colonel Florence A. Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Fort Campbell, Kentucky" (1982), brochure; "Report of the Dedication," along with a photo of Florence A. Blachfield, as it appeared in The Fort Campbell Courier (1982); "World War II Chief Nurse Dies," The Weather Vane, West Virginia Nurses Association (1971); "Army Nurse Buried at Arlington," by Patricia McCormick, UPI, news clipping from an unidentified paper (1971).

Memorabilia and certificates in the collection include: documentation of Blanchfield’s World War II career; authorization as a Registered Nurse by the Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners (1916); an American Red Cross Foreign Service Certificate (1919); Distinguished Service Medal Award, signed by US Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson (1945); Appointment as Lt. Colonel in the Army Nurse Corps of the Regular Army of the United States; Oath of Office as Chief of the Army Nurse Corps (1947); certificate of completion of a course on Medical Aspects of Nuclear Energy (1950); and Diplome de la Medaille Florence Nightingale (1951).  
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