Goostray, Stella (1886-1969)
The Stella Goostray collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Goostray in the collection include: National League for Nursing Education minutes, covering accreditation of nursing schools (1924-1942); Goostray's Master's thesis, "Is A National Accrediting Agency for Schools of Nursing Advisable?" (1933); "Nursing 221, Administration," a Boston University nursing course taught by Goostray (1938, with revisions dated 1946); "Nursing Education 371, Supervision," a Boston University School of Nursing course taught by Goostray; report of the President of the National League for Nurses Education (1941); untitled paper read by Goostray at the Community Nursing Council Annual Luncheon, Boston, on nursing needs in a time of national emergency (1941); "And the End is Not Yet," address on the 100th Anniversary of Linda Richards' Birthday, 1841-1941 (1941); "What Is the Future of Nursing?" speech to District 5, given at the Massachusetts State Nurses Association Annual Meeting (1941); "A Time to Every Purpose," an address at the final convention of the National League for Nurses Education (1952); background notes and minutes from the meetings of the Community Committee for the Proposed School of Nursing (1957-1959); "Which Shall It Be – In the Profession Or Of It?" a graduation address to the Henry Bishop School of Nursing, Pittsfield, MA (1958); "A History of the Regional Project" (1958); "M. Adelaide Nutting, a Biographical Sketch"; "A New Venture in Nursing Education," an address by Goostray to the City Federation of Organizations, Boston, concerning the creation of a two-year nursing program in a junior college (1959); an address by Goostray at the opening meeting marking the Seventieth Anniversary of the School of Nursing and the Ninetieth Anniversary, Children’s Hospital, Boston, 1959 (1960); "Sophie Nelson, Public Health Statesman," for American Journal of Nursing (1960); "Nationwide Hunt for Nursing’s Historical Treasures," for Nursing Outlook (1964); pieces for Notable American Women 1607-1950, a Biographical Dictionary; including "Sophia Palmer," "Linda Richards," and "Julia Catherine Stimson"; "A Potpourri of Memories," an address by Goostray at the Boston University School of Nursing Writers' Workshop Dinner (1966); "Challenge and Change," an address by Goostray at the National League for Nurses Convention (1967); "There Were Other Changing Times," an address by Goostray at the Massachusetts League for Nurses Convention (1967); and drafts of Goostray's memoirs with edits and revisions by Mary Ann Garrigan and George Monteiro (ca. 1968).

Other manuscripts include: pieces written about Goostray by others; material regarding Florence Nightingale; material related to the history of nursing in Boston; and various committee notes, meeting minutes, and other items (1929-1967).  

Correspondence in the collection includes primarily professional letters to and from Goostray, dating from 1928 to 1969.  Notable correspondents inlcude Isabel M. Stewart, Virginia M. Dunbar, William F. Russell, Edith Patton Lewis, Mary Ann Garrigan, and others.

Memorabilia in the Stella Goostray collection includes a letter from Florence Nightingale to W. Clark, Esquire, dated 1872, given as a gift by Stella Goostray to Cornell University School of Nursing, where Goostray's niece, Jane, had been a recent graduate; and International Council of Nurses pins (1925; 1937). There is also an apothecary's scale in a box, probably used in teaching; and postage stamps given to Goostray, related to medical and nursing history.  The collection also includes various diplomas, honors and awards for Goostray (ca. 1920-1967).

Photographs in the collection include: images of Florence Nightingale (1887 and 1906); a field ambulance in the Crimean War (ca. 1853); Leahurst, the Nightingale family summer home (1937); Goostray as a student (1899-1919) and as a teacher (1935); Goostray with Mary Norcross in the US Cadet Nurse Corps (1944), in Rome (1957), and at the New York World's Fair (1965); various portraits of Goostray (1946-1965); and various other photos (ca. 1921-1967).

Printed material in the collection includes: "Care of the Young, Book I, or The History of New England, About Epidemics, Famine, and Public Disasters, Boston, Formerly St. Botolph's Town," London Magazine (1765); material regarding Florence Nightingale (1855-1858); material related to Goostray's membership in the American Red Cross Nursing Service (1920); published writings by Goostray (1921-1960; material regarding the Boston Children's Hospital (1870-1892) and its school of nursing (1937-1940); material regarding the US Nurse Cadet Corps (1942-1945); and various brochures, programs, articles, reports, and other documents pertaining to Goostray, nursing organizations, the history of nursing, or related topics (1915-1988).
Notable Figures
1. Goostray, Stella, 1886-1969