Sanborn, Franklin B. (1831-1917)


The Franklin B. Sanborn Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, financial material, and printed material.

Correspondence includes letters spanning the 1850s to the 1900s. Notables include F.G. Adams of the Kansas Historical Society; G.T. Angell of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (1884); John H. Applebee (1901-1902); Lucy E. Arnold of Wellesley College (n.y.); Henry Baker of the American Public Health Association (1879); C.P. Bancroft of the New Hampshire Asylum (1898-1903); Samuel J. Barrows of The Christian Register (1886); Jonathan S. Blatchford of the American Social Science Association; John Brown (1886); Ellen J. Emerson (1888); Henry M. Howe (1901); and Frederick Stanley Root (1898-1901), among others.

Manuscripts include an essay titled “International Unit of Money” (n.d.) by Robert N. Toppan; an essay titled “On the Tree of Life” (1811) by Rev. Dr. John Mitchell Mason; an essay titled “The Propitiation or Atonement of X” (1841) by Robert Cathcart; and untitled notes for sermons by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1842) and Rev. Dr. Benjamin Morgan Palmer (1814, 1815, 1821, 1824), among other items.

Financial materials include a receipt for payment to Geo. B. Watson from the A.S.S.A. for printing costs (1877).

Printed materials include newspaper clippings – “Explosions of the Powder Magazine at Pittsfield, Ms.” (n.d.) and “Butler Endorsing Rebels” (n.y.) – and an auction catalog for sale of Sanborn’s letter and manuscripts by C.F. Libbie and Co. in Boston (1918).

Notable Figures
1. Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin