Chelsea Schools Project
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Chelsea Schools Project collection contains professional materials, printed materials, manuscripts, correspondence, legal materials, photographs, audio materials, artwork, diaries and journals, and memorabilia.

Professional materials include office files, subject files, administrative files, reports, and other items. Office files include “Agreement: Chelsea School Committee Trustees of Boston University”; “The Boston Globe”; “The Boston Herald”; “Boston University Public Relations”; “City Charter”; “Ratification – Teachers’ Contract”; and “Statewide Report School Expulsions and Long-Term Suspensions,” as well as other items pertaining to policies, publicity, and plans.

Subject files include “Chelsea Bilingual Program Procedure Manual”; “Chelsea Institute for New Teachers”; “Boston University Chelsea Partnership, 2002-2003 Annual Budget”; “John Silber Early Learning Center at the Shurtleft School”; and “Report to Boston University on the Operation and Maintenance for the Chelsea Public Schools,” as well as other items pertaining to budgets from the early to mid-2000s.


Administrative files include “Apartheid” (1986-1990); “Benefits” (1980-1983); “Budget/University” (1992); “Commencement” (1981-1988); “Daily Free Press” (1992); “Divestment” (1985-1990); “Elie Wiesel” (1986-1987); “Faculty Union” (n.d.); “Howard Thurman Center” (1987); “International Programs” (1990); “Martin Luther King, Jr.” (1986-1989); and “PR Office” (1980-1987), among other items pertaining to university life, activities, and policies.


Reports include items from the 1980s to the 2000s pertaining to Boston University policies and evaluations; annual reports; and teachers, among other items.


Other professional materials include teachers’ manuals from 1999 to 2000; press releases; calendars and date books; holograph notes; memos; resumes; schedules and itineraries; and meeting minutes.


Printed materials include files, journals, booklets, magazines, and other items. Files include “1839-1989 Boston University Sesquicentennial”; “Comprehensive Corrective Action Plan”; “The Boston University/Chelsea Partnership”; “Implementation of the Chelsea School Project: A Case Study”; and “A Vision of Chelsea’s School in 1998,” among other items pertaining to Chelsea schools and programs.


Journals contain items from the 1980s to the 2000s, including Journal of Education (1983; 1998); National Forum (1999); Bostonia (2001-2003); Education Matters (2001-2002); First Things (2000); The Milken Institute Review (2001); and Pioneer Institute’s Quarterly Digest (2001); among other items.

Booklets include “Democracy’s Half Told Story” (1989); “The Millennium and Boston University: A Faculty Symposium” (1999); “Modern Curriculum Press Phonics” (1998); “Making it Count: A Guide to High-Impact Education Philanthropy” (2001); and “Introduction to Donor Advised Gift Fund,” among other items.

Magazines include Builders and Leaders (2001); Coastal Discovery (2002); Common Wealth (1999); Currents (2001); Issues in Science and Technology (2001); Life (1971); Matrix (2001); The Nonprofit Quarterly (2002); Philanthropy (2001); and Runner’s World (1996).

Other printed materials include newsletters pertaining to Boston University and Chelsea Schools from 1998 to 2002; internet printouts pertaining to the Boston community and private universities from 2000 to 2004; pamphlets from 2002 to 2003; programs pertaining to Boston University colleges; untitled files pertaining to Chelsea and Boston University programs; and catalogs and directories pertaining to teaching supplies, Boston University faculty, Scotia Prince Cruises, and International Exchange Programs, among other items.


Manuscripts include files, speeches, transcripts, essays, and other items. Files include “re: Boston University’s quest for a new sailing facility” (2001) and “re: obituary of Elizabeth Jackson Barker” (2001).


Speeches include “New Faculty Orientation” (2001) by Jon Westling; “Teacher’s in a Troubled Society: Restoring the Vocation” (1988) by John Silber; and “re: Chelsea Teacher Union” (n.d).

Transcripts include “A Brief and Discursive Essay Concerning the Common Schools of the City of Chelsea (Lately Call’d Winnisimmet) Together with Certain Proposals for Their Better Ordering and New-Furbishing” (1989) by John Silber; “Question and Answer Session with John Silber at the State House” (1988); and “Patrick Healy Boston Globe Telephone Interview with John Silber re: John Westling resignation” (2002).

Essays include “A Vision of Chelsea’s Schools in 1998” and “The Sentient Heart: Messages for Life” (2001) by Renee A. Levi.

Other manuscripts include report fragments pertaining to students, faculty, and the curriculum of Boston University and the Chelsea schools; a book fragment of Character and Cops; the short story “Harold and the Jellybean” (1989); and outlines from 1987 to 1988, among other items.

Correspondence includes letters from the 1980s to the 2000s, as well as several undated letters. Notables include Kevin Carleton; Thomas Cashman; John Silber; Donna Snell; Mark Starr; Gore Tipper; and Jon Westling.

Legal materials include a file pertaining to NYU and Brandeis lawsuits from 2000 to 2003, as well as summaries, contracts, briefs, and correspondence pertaining to Boston University and Chelsea school systems from 1995 to 2000.

Photographs include files, prints, and negatives. Files include “BU Photo Service” (n.d.): “Kevin Carlton P.R.” (n.d); “re: Boston University AeroAstro Naval Research Labs Project with NASA” (n.d.); and “Silver Shockers University Relations Team baseball game” (n.d.).

Prints include prints from 1995 to 2004 of Kevin Carleton and undated prints of John Silber and Silber Shockers.

Negatives include undated negatives of a playground, an Egyptian pyramid, and staff members.

Audio materials include CDs, cassette tapes, and mini-cassette tapes. CDs include “MCAS Student Results 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2001 Retest, 2002 May Retest, 2002 December Retest”; “Baseball”; “KC at 20 Years BU A Photo Phantasy”; and “Scored Research Data Files MCAS 2001 Sept. 10, 2001.”


Cassette tapes include “Chelsea Leg. Report Interview 8/31/1993”; “Chelsea: WBUR-FM”; “Connection 12/15/94 ‘Chelsea’”; “DAS Interview – Lynn Schnaeberg Education Week 12/6/Ian Johnson Interview”; “Dr. Spurs: Muriel Cohen Crucifixion 11/2/93 – 3pm/WBUR 1/14/94”; “Globe Interview Amy Sessler 5/4/94”; “Herald Interview DAS 12/2/93/Globe Interview DAS 12/3”; “WBUR – Chelsea/Early Childhood Ran 1/31/94 5:49/7:49am”; and untitled cassettes.

Mini-cassette tapes include “5/31 AP Int. Oversight Report”; “Amy Sessler Globe, 5/4/94, Jugend-Lyuk und Balladen”; “Education Week 6/9/94”; “Gail Chaddock Christian Science Monitor, 5/19/94”; and “Walter Watson WBUR, 7/6/94,” among other items.

Artwork includes one pencil sketch of Superman.

Diaries and journals include typescript pages and daily planners from the late 1990s.

Memorabilia includes stickers; an office key; a laminated poster fragment; awards; a voting membership card; and other items.