Mercantile Library Association of Boston
The Mercantile Library Association of Boston collection consists of professional material, correspondence, financial material, scrapbooks, and other records and documents pertaining to the organization.

Professional material in the collection includes the charter, constitution and by-laws, along with membership information and a historical sketch (1820-1903); several reports (1833-1918); records of meetings (1820-1874); and a membership list (1872-1876).  Also present are the first annual report of the Mercantile Library Association of San Francisco (1853-1854); an annual report and catalog of the St. Louis Mercantile Library (1919 and 1921); and a report from the Boston Athenaeum (1927-1928).

Correspondence in the collection includes letters regarding the Lecture Committee (1856-1862, 1867-1870); and letters regarding membership (1908-1921).

Financial material in the collection consists of several account books (1820-1903).

There are four scrapbooks in the collection, one consisting of speeches before the Association (1903) and three others containing material dated 1851 to 1876.

Other material includes an 1854 catalog of the library, compiled by William F. Poole; a plate (1820) and seal (1877); a visitor’s book (1890-1922); various addresses (1838-1854); four notebooks with extensive notes from the written records of the Association, by Charles Amsden; two volumes of “The Reporter”; and a history of the Association by Paul L. Walsh (1953).