Annabella (1909-1996)
The Annabella collection includes a manuscript, correspondence, printed material, photographs, scrapbooks, video tapes, audio cassettes, and memorabilia. The manuscript in the collection is Vie d’Annabella, by Recit. Correspondence in the collection is a mixture of personal and professional letters. Notable correspondents include Bernadette Chirac (wife of Jacques Chirac), Andre Chouraqui, Roald Dahl, Andre Fortier, Jack Lang, William S. Paley, Samuel Pisar, Madame George Pompidou, and Ronald Reagan. Printed material in the collection primarily consists of magazine and newspaper clippings about Annabella and her films, from both the English- and French-language press; they date from 1939 to the 1980s. There are several articles regarding Abel Gance’s film Napoléon (1927), from 1982. Also present in the collection is an article by Annabella about her friendship with Antoine Saint-Exupéry, written for the French aviation magazine Icare . This article includes printed photographs of Annabella and Tyone Power; in one image, Annabella stands in front of an airplane named “Annabella” with Power in the cockpit. Other printed items include a photocopy of Samuel Pisar’s keynote address to the Israeli Knesset at the World Gathering of Holocaust Survivors, June 15-18, 1981; photocopied pages from Dennis Belafonte’s book The Films of Tyrone Power ; and a flyer for a showing of the film Les Nuits Moscovites (1934), starring Annabella. The photographs in the collection are mainly of Annabella and her associates; several film stills are present. Notable figures include Jean-Pierre Aumont, Tony Curtis, Luis Miguel Dominguin, Edward Kennedy, Tyrone Power, Regine, and Peter Ustinov. Other photographs document her work on behalf of the USO in the 1940s. The scrapbooks in the collection chronicle the whole of Annabella’s acting career, on stage and screen. Two scrapbooks labeled “Annabella” chronicle the years 1924-1984; another scrapbook labeled “A. M.” is primarily photographs, and includes her most active years, 1925-1952. Also included is a scrapbook of clippings devoted to her performance in Fritz Lang’s film Liliom (1934). Video tapes in the collection include several feature films starring Annabella, including Autour d’une Enquête (1931), Le Million (1931), Marie, Légende Hongroise (1932), Gardez le Sourire (1933), La Bataille (1933), Caravane (1934), La Nuits Moscovites (1934), La Bandera (1935), L’Équipage (1935), Variétés (1935), Dinner at the Ritz (1937), La Citadelle du Silence (1937), Under the Red Robe (1937), Wings of the Morning (1937), Hôtel du Nord (1938), Suez (voice-over, 1938; stars Tyrone Power), Bridal Suite (1939), Bomber’s Moon (1943), Tonight We Raid Calais (1943), Éternel Conflit (1948), Don Juan (1950), Etoiles et Toiles (history of French cinema narrated by Annabella; date unknown), and clips from various films. Also included are various interviews with Annabella from French-language media, as well as other miscellaneous tapes. There are two audio cassettes in the collection, both recordings of broadcasts of the Lux Radio Theatre, produced by Cecil B. DeMille (1936-1945). The programs are episode 282, “The Rage of Manhattan” (originally broadcast Nov. 18, 1940) and episode 322, “Blood and Sand” (originally broadcast Oct. 20, 1941). Personal memorabilia in the collection includes a citation to Annabella from the U.S. Treasury Department for “distinguished services rendered on behalf of the War Savings Program,” Nov. 1, 1943. Also present in the collection is a large platter marked “Pirkenhammer, Czechoslavakia;” in the center is a transfer print of a photo of Annabella and a soldier embracing. Other items include a folder of collected notes and memorabilia regarding Annabella’s work on behalf of the USO in the 1940s, as well as Annabella’s blood donor card dated June 9, 1944.
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