Anderson, Larz (1866-1937) and Isabel Weld Perkins (1877-1948)
The Larz and Isabel Anderson Collection (1895-1948) consists of manuscripts,correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, printed material, and other items.  Most of the material concerns Isabel Weld Perkins Anderson.

Manuscripts in the collection primarily consist of plays by Isabel Weld Perkins Anderson.  These include Fuente the Matador (originally titled The Kiss and the Queue, 1926), The Red Flame (music by Dr. Henry Hadley; 1934), The Gold Madonna (1935), Yvon , a Radio Drama (1935), Tahiti Ho! (Music by Pierre de Reeder; 1936), Robinson Crusoe (1937),  K'ung (1946), Wing, a Chinese Fantasy (date unknown) and notes for Ginger (date unknown).  Also present are two poems by Isabel W. P. Anderson, "By Your Fireside" and "Lord Buddha."

Correspondence in the collection consists of letters, postcards, and telegrams to Isabel W. P. Anderson from various individuals, as well as some items from Anderson.  Correspondents include Fannie Fern Andrews, Katherine Anthony, Rainosuke Awano, Betty Barker, Nydia Dau, Maud Howe Elliot, W. Cameron Forbes, Edna Gasch, Genichi Nomura, Mrs. G. H. Perkins, Eleanor Pomeroy, and Mildred Dana Shaw.  Some correspondence has been placed into scrapbooks.  These include letters of Mrs. Nicholas Longworth Anderson to her son Larz Anderson, 1892-1916 (carbon copies), and a scrapbook of letters documenting the interest of the Andersons in the construction of the Chapel of St. Mary in Washington Cathedral, 1927-1938 (this item also includes some photographs, clippings, and brochures).

Four of the scrapbooks are labeled as "Volumes 1-4."  Volume 1 is titled "A Book of Memories, 1895-1913"; volume 2 is titled "Brussels 1911"; volume 3 is titled "Belgium and Some Matter on Japan, 1911-1912"; and volume 4 is titled "Book of Records Belgium, 1911-1912, Various."  These scrapbooks include letters, clippings, photographs, programs, and invitations (volume 4 is almost entirely clippings). Additional scrapbooks include: scrapbook of letters of Mrs. Nicholas Longworth Anderson to her son Larz Anderson, 1892-1916 (mentioned above); scrapbook regarding Isabel W. P. Anderson’s book The Great Sea Horse, as well as other works, 1909-1911; "A Book of Records," mainly newspaper clippings with index, 1911-1914; scrapbook of clippings from Boston newspapers, mainly regarding World War I, 1915-1915; scrapbook regarding Chapel of St. Mary in Washington Cathedral (described above), 1927-1938; scrapbook regarding establishment of the Anderson Memorial Center at Boston University by Isabel W. P. Anderson, 1930-1945; scrapbook of clippings (with some letters), 1941-1948; two red leather-bound scrapbooks with silver initials, containing original sketches with verses and explanation (similar to, if not the same as, items published in Larz Anderson: U. S. A.).

The photographs in the collection consist of images of Anna Weld Perkins (Isabel W. P. Anderson’s mother), Isabel W. P. Anderson in a Red Cross uniform, an orchid named after Larz Anderson, and a performance of K’ung.

Printed material in the collection includes mentions of Isabel W. P. Anderson in various newspapers, book reviews of Isabel W. P. Anderson’s writings, a printed tribute to Larz Anderson, written by his son, photocopied clippings regarding the Anderson family, various obituaries, and other miscellaneous items. Also included are printed versions of Isabel W. P. Anderson’s play A City Built in a Night (1937), her poem "All Living Things Serve Thee," and programs for performances of Anderson’s plays The Gold Madonna (1937, 1938), K'ung (1938, 1941) and the opening performance of The Witch in the Woods (1939).

Other items in the collection include a journal by Isabel W. P. Anderson titled "Home Journal, 1909" (includes illustrations, photographs, newspaper clippings); Isabel W. P. Anderson's will; "Arbitration Proceedings to Determine the Domicile of the Late Isabel Anderson"; and book plates from the Andersons' library.
Notable Figures
1. Anderson, Larz, 1866-1937
2. Anderson, Isabel Weld Perkins
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