Barboza, David (1959- )
The David Barboza collection consists of manuscripts, research material, printed material, audio recordings, correspondence, and other material. 

Manuscripts by Barboza in the collection include his Master's thesis; a book proposal and chapter drafts for an as-yet unpublished biography of John Silber, titled Leaning Against the Wind, as well as transcripts of interviews Barboza conducted for the book; notes; resumes; and school papers. 

Research material in the collection consists of several subject files compiled and arranged by Barboza around particular topics. Subjects include: various figures from the history of Boston University, including William Arrowsmith, Borden Parker Bowne, Harold Case, Arland Christ-Janer, Sigmund Koch, H. Joachim Maitre, George Makechnie, Daniel Marsh, Walter Muelder, Lemuel Murlin, Christopher Ricks, Roger Shattuck, Elie Wiesel, and Howard Zinn. Also present are files on various individuals, including Noam Chomsky, Julius Erving, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Vartan Gregorian, Lyndon B. Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Lynn Margulis. 

The material on John Silber is extensive, including several files on Silber's family history, life, and career. In addition, the collection includes several files on the history of Boston University as an institution, as well as notes from interviews with various faculty members (1992). Other prominent topics include: ancient history, higher education, Trinity University, and the University of Texas. 

Printed material in the collection includes many issues of the Boston University student newspaper, the Daily Free Press (1972-2001); many issues of the newsletter the BU Bridge (1997-1999); issues of a different BU student newspaper, the BU News (1969, 1971-1972); and several other newspapers and periodicals. 

Audio recordings in the collection include cassette tapes of interviews that Barboza conducted with John Silber (1992-1993), Jewell Silber (1991-1992), D. Riesman (1991, 1993), and G. Schrader (1992). Also present is a tape recording of the Boston University Senior Breakfast (1993), as well as a micro-cassette recording of The Phil Donahue Show where the topic was Boston University's dorm visitation policy; John Silber appeared on the show (1988). 

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters to and from Barboza, dating from 1984 to 1994. Notable correspondents include Howard Zinn and Jon Westling (President of BU). Also present are photocopied pages of correspondence from Lemuel Murlin (1923-1925), used as research material. 

Other items in the collection include legal material; financial material; photographs; and other material.
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