Channing Family
The Channing Family collection consists of correspondence, journals, legal material, financial material, and other items.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters to and from G. Eugene Channing (1878-1912), including several to his cousing, E.C. Higgins, and two to his sister Margaret Channing.  There are three letters to N.S. Farley, Deputy Collector of Customs, San Francisco, as well as a report by Farley, all regarding damage to the U.S. Appraiser's Building from the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.  
Also present is a letter to Margaret Channing from her mother; a letter from Edith Bangs to Alice Cole (1919); typed copies of extracts from letters by T.W. Higginson to his mother (1859-1862); and other items.

Journals in the collection consist of extracts from various journals and diaries by various authors regarding William Ellery Channing (poet, 1818-1901); the passages date from 1841 to 1865.

Legal material in the collection consists of an emergency passport issued to Alice Cole, from the American Embassy in London, Aug. 10, 1914.

Financial material in the collection consists of a receipt of payment from Miss Channing to E. Lucas, undated.

Printed material in the collection includes program and program pages pertaining to performances by Alice Cole, as well as other musical performances; "Notes Concerning the Channing Family," pamphlet by Edward Tyrrel Channing, dated Aug. 10, 1836 [reprinted in 1930]; "Walter Gould Davis," privately printed pamphlet by Robert DeCourcy Ward, 1920 [reprinted from Science, July 4, 1919]; and a program of dances and list of dance engagements, Midshipmen’s Ball, U.S. Frigate Santee, Apr. 1, 1864.

Other material includes miscellaneous items regarding the Channing family, and a paper with two poem excerpts.