Bagley, Desmond (1923-1983)

The Desmond Bagley collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, scrapbooks, audio recordings, and other material.

Manuscripts for novels by Bagley in the collection include The Golden Keel (Collins, 1963); High Citadel (Doubleday, 1964); Wyatt's Hurricane (Doubleday, 1966); Landslide (Doubleday, 1967); The Vivero Letter (Doubleday, 1968); Running Blind (Doubleday, 1969); The Spoilers (Doubleday, 1970); The Freedom Trap (Collins, 1971), published in the U.S. as The Mackintosh Man (Doubleday, 1972); The Tightrope Men (Doubleday, 1973); The Snow Tiger (Doubleday, 1975); The Enemy (Doubleday, 1976); Flyaway (Doubleday, 1978); Bahama Crisis (Collins, 1980; Summit Books, 1983); Windfall under working title The Man From Hell's Gate (Collins, 1982; Summit Books, 1983); Night of Error (Collins, 1984; St. Martin's Press, 1987); and Juggernaut (Collins, 1985; St. Martin's Press, 1987).

Unpublished novels by Bagley in the collection include Because Salton Died, Clare, Collision Course, Ex Machina, The Illusionists (two different books with the same title); Marginalia; Operation Deep Freeze (also called On the Ice and Antarctica ); Rohan's Luck; A Tree Fell on Him; The Wild Man ; and The Writer (biographical).

Short works by Bagley in the collection include several science-fiction stories, non-fiction articles and essays (mostly unpublished), and unfinished and/or unpublished stories.

Correspondence in the collection primarily consists of professional letters regarding Bagley's books, dating from 1963 to 1989. Other letters include correspondence with Scott Meredith regarding Bagley's science-fiction stories.

Photographs in the collection consist of several black and white prints of Bagley, as well as two large portraits.

Printed material in the collection consists of various magazines, including Argosy (Jan. 1957, Aug. 1965); Star Weekly (Feb. 1972); In Britain (Feb. 1980); Arab Times Supplement (Oct. 1980); and First (Feb. 1974).

Scrapbooks in the collection primarily consist of fifteen scrapbooks of news clippings regarding Bagley, with some black and white photos of Bagley included (1950s-1980s). Also present is a scrapbook of film advertisements written by Bagley for Filmlets, Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa (1960-1961).

Audio recordings in the collection include book-on-tape versions of Bagley's novels, as well as "The World of Desmond Bagley" (1980).

Other material includes three passports, a ballooning certificate, a South Pole certificate, 2 silhouettes, a cartoon, a moonscape painting, royalty statements, and other miscellany.

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1. Bagley, Desmond, 1923-1983
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