Armour, Richard (1906-1989)
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The Richard Armour collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, photographs, memorabilia, and other items.

General book-length works by Armour in the collection include Writing Light Verse and Prose Humor (Writer, Inc.; third edition, 1971; fourth edition, 1981); Punctured Poems: Famous First and Infamous Second Lines (Prentice-Hall, 1966); On Your Marks: A Package of Punctuation (McGraw, 1969); All in Sport (McGraw, 1972); The Spouse in the House (McGraw, 1975); and Educated Guesses: Light-Serious Suggestions for Parents and Teachers (Woodbridge,1983).

Humourous and satirical book-length works by Armour in the collection include American Lit Relit: A Short History of American Literature... (McGraw, 1964); Going Around in Academic Circles: A Low View of Higher Education (McGraw, 1965); It All Started with Hippocrates: A Mercifully Brief History of Medicine (McGraw, 1966); It All Started with Stones and Clubs: Being a Short History of War and Weaponry... (McGraw, 1967); A Satirist Looks at the World (Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Michigan, 1967); My Life with Women: Confessions of a Domesticated Male (McGraw, 1968); A Diabolical Dictionary of Education (McGraw, 1969); English Lit Relit: A Short History of English Literature... (McGraw, 1969); Out of My Mind (McGraw, 1972); It All Started with Freshman English: A Survival Kit... (McGraw, 1973); The Academic Bestiary (Morrow, 1974); Going Like Sixty: A Lighthearted Look at the Later Years (McGraw, 1974); The Happy Bookers: A Playful History of Librarians... (McGraw, 1976); and Anyone for Insomnia? A Playful Look at Sleeplessness by a Bleary-Eyed Insomniac (Woodbridge, 1982).

Book-length works for children by Armour in the collection include Our Presidents (Norton, 1964); The Adventures of Egbert the Easter Egg (McGraw, 1965); Animals on the Ceiling (McGraw, 1966); A Dozen Dinosaurs (McGraw, 1967); Odd Old Mammals: Animals After the Dinosaurs (McGraw, 1968); Who’s in Holes? (McGraw, 1971); Sea Full of Whales (McGraw, 1974); Strange Monsters of the Sea (McGraw, 1979); and Insects All Around Us (McGraw, 1981).

Unpublished book-length works by Armour in the collection include George Washington (1963); Something You Can Bank On (1965); Sex in the Stone Age (1965); Santa Learns a Lesson (1966); The States We’re In (1976); and It Would Have Startled Columbus (1976).

Short pieces by Armour in the collection include hundreds of poems (light verse), humorous prose, book reviews, and non-fiction. Much of this work was published in various periodicals, including The Christian Science Monitor, Family Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, McCall’s, Orange County Illustrated, Playboy, Publisher’s Weekly, Reader’s Digest, The Saturday Evening Post, The Saturday Review, The Writer, and many others.
Notable Figures
1. Armour, Richard, 1906-1989
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