Barth, Richard (1943- )

The Richard Barth collection consists of his manuscripts, professional material, and printed material.

Manuscripts include those for his novels and a screenplay. Novels by Barth include Garbage Clan (unpublished), The Rag Bag Clan  (1978), One Dollar Death (1982), The Condo Kill: A Margaret Binton Mystery ( 1985), Deadly Climate (1988), Blood Doesn’t Tell (1989), Furnished for Murder (1990), The Final Shot (1992), Deathics: A Margaret Binton Mystery (1993), Slade's Last Piece (unpublished), Red Diamond (unpublished), and Death in G Sharp (unpublished), as well as some untitled works.  Also present in the collection is a screenplay by Barth titled Mueller and May.

Professional material includes files containing correspondence, notes, financial material, and legal material for the novels The Rag Bag Clan, The Ragged Plot, The Condo Kill, Deadly Climate, Blood Doesn’t Tell, Furnished for Murder, The Final Shot, Deathics, The Small Killing, and One Dollar Death. Also included are miscellaneous notes regarding storylines and contacts.

Printed material includes maps and magazine clippings.

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1. Barth, Richard, 1943-
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