Bingham, John (1908-1988) and Madeleine (1912-1988)
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The John Bingham papers include manuscripts and other items.

Manuscripts by Bingham in the collection include the novels A Case of Libel (Gollancz, 1963); The Hunting Down of Peter Manuel, Glasgow Multiple Murderer, written with William Muncie (Macmillan, 1973); Brock and the Defector (Doubleday, 1982); The False Image, written with Tim Goodwin (unpublished); Murder on Sunday (unpublished); Russian Roulette (unpublished); Golden Calf (unpublished); and Loudly Croaked the Frogs (unpublished). Other manuscripts by Bingham include the stage play The Double Agent, as well as an unfinished screenplay version; an autobiography; several short stories; travel pieces; and various notes, fragments, synopses, outlines, and other miscellany. The collection also includes manuscripts of adaptations by others of Bingham's works, including two drafts of Paul Dehn's screenplay version of A Fragment of Fear; a rehearsal script for Pat Hoddinott's Better at Murder, a teleplay based on Bingham's novel Five Roundabouts to Heaven; and a draft of Anthony Steven's The Double Agent, a teleplay based on Bingham's novel of the same name.

Other items in the papers include photographs of Bingham; printed magazine pieces by Bingham; clippings of reviews of Bingham's writings; research material on crime, spies, and defectors; correspondence, mostly professional; and a few other items.

The Madeleine Bingham papers include manuscripts, research material, printed material, correspondence, and other material.

Manuscripts by Bingham in the collection include the plays Jack Shall Have Jill (1944); The Man from the Ministry (three-act comedy, Samuel French, 1947); The Real McCoy (1964); Russian Roulette (freely adapted from John Bingham’s novel Brock and the Defector); and several other works. Book-length works by Bingham include several unpublished works, including Chloe: A Story Without a Moral; Humphrey: A Very Psychological Novel; The Wrong Side of the Blanket; The Painted Smile; Journal in Green Silk; Peers and Plebs II; Duke Gull; and The Dark Avenue; Victorian Values: The Comedy of Marie Tempest; Smiley's Wife; as well as the first draft of "The Great Lover:" The Life and Art of Herbert Beerbohm Tree (Atheneum, 1979), filed with the research material. In addition, the collection includes short stories, essays, speeches, poetry, fragments, notes, and three radio plays.

Research material in the material consists of various documents regarding Mary, Queen of Scots (A. S. Barnes, 1969); Sheridan: The Track of a Comet (St. Martin's, 1972); The Making of Kew (Joseph, 1975); Henry Irving and the Victorian Theatre (Allen and Unwin, 1978); "The Great Lover:" The Life and Art of Herbert Beerbohm Tree (Atheneum, 1979); Earls and Girls: Dramas in High Society (Hamish Hamilton, 1980); Princess Lieven: Russian Intriguer (David and Charles, 1982); Victorian Values: The Comedy of Marie Tempest (unpublished); architecture and the Wren Society; the history and traditions of the British Army; reviews by George Bernard Shaw; George Henry Lewes; various plays and actors; and other topics.

Printed material includes several clippings of reviews of Bingham’s works.

Correspondence includes Bingham's letters with John Gielgud, regarding her book on Henry Irving, including a handwritten draft of his forward to the book as well as clippings about Gielgud; a scrapbook of correspondence from Bingham's brother Mark, while he was in the Navy during World War II; letters regarding the publication of Smiley's Wife; and general personal and professional letters.

Other material in the collection includes five notebooks; a draft of Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham's Earls and Girls, an adaptation of Bingham’s book of the same name; and other items.

Notable Figures
1. Bingham, John, 1908-1988
2. Bingham, Madeleine, Baroness Clanmorris
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