Beale, Betty (1912-2006)

The Betty Beale collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and other items related to Beale's career as a Washington, D.C. society columnist.

Manuscripts in the collection includes several drafts of Beale's memoir, Power Play (Regnery, 1993); as well as several short manuscripts, including over forty speeches Beale gave (1960s-2002); drafts of biographical sketches of Beale; thirteen poems by Adlai Stevenson; and a file Beale kept on Stevenson's death (1965).

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from political notables and family members. This includes letters, photocopies of letters, and cards. There are well over 400 pieces of correspondence dating from 1936 to the 2005 from such political notables as Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson, Gerald and Betty Ford, George H. W. and Barbara Bush, Mamie Eisenhower, Jack Irwin (Undersecretary of State and later Ambassador to France), Jacqueline Kennedy, Angier Biddle Duke, Richard and Pat Nixon, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Carlos P. Romulo (President of University of the Philippines), Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Edith Wilson, Ardeshi Zahedi (Iranian Ambassador), Mrs. John Foster Dulles, Edward P. Stone (architect), Hubert H. Humphrey, Ethel Kennedy, Dan Quayle, Emily Post (etiquette expert), Walter Lippmann, Bess and Margaret Truman, Mrs. William Faulkner, Carol Channing, Shirley Temple Black, Bob Hope, Sandra Day O'Connor, Helen Thomas (White House press correspondent), Chuck Robb (Gov. and Senator from Virginia), and Donald Spoto (biographer). Among the collection there are a handful of letters written by Beale.

Printed material in the collection also holds clippings, copies, and drafts of Beale's newspaper columns, mainly from the 1940s to the 1980s. Also present are about 400 programs, newsletters and articles from about 1950 to 2005. In addition, there are many other clippings and items, including an assortment of nine items originally assembled for Beale's "AuctionLive!" material and several clippings of newspaper columns and photographs that accompany them.

The collection has several hundred photographs of Beale at home and at Washington social events with various individuals. These include color and black and white prints of Presidents, First Ladies, politicians, and others taken during the 1970s and 1980s. Images of notable figures include Julia Child, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Nancy and Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Adlai Stevenson. There is also an album containing photos of Beale with her family, and a group of 20 x 15" photos which include a favorite portrait of Beale.

Research material in the collection includes research notes for Beale's columns and her memoir. Also present are also Beale's personal calendars from 1952 to 1986, as well as subject files organized by Beale relating to her family, people she knew and various social events.

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