Bannister, Jo (1951- )

The Jo Bannister collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and legal material.

Manuscripts include novels, short stories, and an essay written by Bannister. Novels include Shards (1990, later republished as Critical Angle), Death and Other Lovers (1991), A Bleeding of Innocents (1993), Sins of the Heart (1994; published in the U.S. as Charisma), A Taste for Burning (1996 also published under the title Burning Desires), No Birds Sing (St. Martin’s, 1996), The Lazarus Hotel (St. Martin’s, 1997), The Primrose Convention (1997), Broken Lines (1998), The Hireling’s Tale (1999), Changelings (2000), The Primrose Switchback (2000), Echoes of Lies (2001), The Fifth Cataract(2005), The Tinderbox (2006), and Fathers and Sins (2008). The collection also contains several of Bannister’s short stories, including her story “The Fall Guy” featured in the compilation novel More Murder, They Wrote (1999), and her essay “One World is Not Enough” (2004).

Printed material includes page proofs, galley proofs, and articles. Page proofs include those for the novels The Winter Plain (1982), A Cactus Garden (1983), Sins of the Heart (1994), A Taste for Burning (1995), No Birds Sing (1996), Changelings (2000), True Witness (2002), Reflections (2003), The Depths of Solitude (2004), The Tinderbox (2006), Fathers and Sins (2008), Closer Still (2008), and Liars All (2009). The collection also contains the galley proof for the novel Shards (1990). Several articles are included consisting of reviews of Bannister’s novels as well as Bannister’s article “Black and White and Ridden All Over,” which appeared in Hoofprint Magazine.

Correspondence includes professional correspondence from 1993 through 2005, some of which are handwritten and signed by Bannister. Also included is fan mail and financial correspondence.

Legal material includes contracts dating from 1988 to 2005.

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