Allbeury, Ted (1917-2005)
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The Ted Allbeury collection provides a near-comprehensive catalog of manuscripts for Allbeury’s many novels, in all stages of revision. Each manuscript title includes numerous drafts and revisions, as well as marked proofs in most cases.

Published titles include A Choice of Enemies (St. Martin's, 1972), Snowball (Peter Davies, 1974), The Special Collection (Peter Davies, 1975), The Palomino Blonde (Peter Davies, London, 1975), published in the United States as Omega Minus (Viking, 1975), Where All the Girls are Sweeter (writing under pseudonym Richard Butler; Peter Davies, 1975), Italian Assets (writing as Richard Butler, 1976), The Only Good German (Peter Davies, 1976), published in the U. S. as Mission Berlin (Walker & Co., 1986), The Lantern Network (Peter Davies, 1977), The Man with the President’s Mind (Peter Davies, 1977), The Alpha List (Methuen, 1979), Consequence of Fear (Hart Davis, MacGibbon, 1979), published in the U. S. as Smokescreen (Medallion, 1986), The Reaper (Mayflower, 1980), published in the U. S. as The Stalking Angel (Mysterious Press, 1988), The Twentieth Day of January (Granada, 1980), Codeword Cromwell (written under pseudonym Patrick Kelly; Granada, 1980), The Other Side of Silence (Scribner, 1982), The Lonely Margins (writing as Patrick Kelly; Granada, 1981), The Secret Whispers (writing as Patrick Kelly; Granada, 1981), Deep Purple (New English Library, 1989), Dangerous Edge (New English Library, 1991), Show Me a Hero (New English Library, 1992), The Line Crosser (New English Library, 1993), As Time Goes By (Hodder & Stoughton, 1994), The Long Run (1997), Aid and Comfort (1998), Shadow of a Doubt (1999), The Reckoning (2000), and The Assets (Hodder & Stoughton, 2000).

Unpublished or unfinished novels are also included in the collection. Titles include The Long Way (1977-1978), Call No Man Happy (1979), The Swallows (1970s), The Trojan Horse (1970s), The Last of Ills (1980), and Postscript to a War (1990s). Other unpublished materials, such as outlines, notes, sketches, and unfinished drafts, are also present.

Allbeury’s work in radio is also represented. Included in the collection is a script for an unidentified radio show hosted by Allbeury, as well as Allbeury’s script for “Long Ago and Far Away,” an episode of Afternoon Theatre, recorded Aug. 25-26, 1981.

Most correspondence in the collection consists of letters to and from Allbeury’s editors, including Derek Priestly (at Peter Davies), Jonathan Dolger (at Simon and Schuster), and Kate Grant (at Hodder and Stoughton). These letters date from 1977 to 1998, and provide insight into Allbeury’s process of revising his work.
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