Barondess, Barbara (1907-2000)

The Barbara Barondess collection consists of printed material, films, photographs, and memorabilia.

Printed material in the collection includes magazines containing references to Barondess, including issues of Modern Screen, Photoplay, Movieland, Motion Picture, and others which reference her movie work, as well as issues of Interior Design, Architectural Digest, and others referencing her work as an interior designer. Other printed items include material related to Barondess’s film and stage career, some printed pieces written by Barondess, and lists of movies in which she appeared. There are also several lobby cards for films which Barondess appeared in, as well as clippings and photocopies of publicity articles mentioning Barondess. These latter items date from the 1930s to the 1960,s and include reviews of One Life is Not Enough. Also present are two articles written by Barondess which appeared in The New Movie Magazine (1933) and Screen Actor (1983).

Films in the collection consist of 16mm dailies and clips from the films Soldiers of the Storm, Easy Money, Hold Your Man, Beggar's Holiday, and Queen Christina, as well as screen tests and other footage of Barondess.

Photographs of Barondess in the collection include a portrait of her used for the cover of her memoir, One Life is Not Enough. Other photos include family photographs of Barondess, her parents, her sisters, and their home in Brooklyn in the 1920s.

Memorabilia in the collection includes five items from Barondess’s travels in Moscow, Israel, and Egypt, as well as her father's passport.

Notable Figures
1. MacLean, Barbara Barondess
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