Ansell, Jack (1925-1976)

The Jack Ansell collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, a scrapbook, photographs, correspondence, and memorabilia.

Book-length manuscripts by Ansell in the collection include Era Progressive (1940; unpublished, written when Ansell was 14 years old); His Brother, the Bear (Doubleday, 1960); The Shermans of Mannerville (Arbor House, 1971); Jelly (Arbor House, 1971); Gospel: An American Success Story (Arbor House, 1973); Summer (short story collection; Arbor House, 1973); Dynasty of Air (Arbor House, 1974); Giants (Arbor House, 1975); The Hand of the Fowler (unpublished); The Little Green Apples (unpublished); The Wit’s End Tales (story collection, unpublished); Send My Roots Rain (unfinished, unpublished); and Sutton Place South (unfinished, unpublished). Also included are outlines for Shamatu: A Southern Tragedy and a novel about the Minser family; neither novel was realized.

Plays by Ansell in the collection include Come a Full Moon, written as a college assignment; Man Almighty ; The Fugitive ; The Gift ; His Brother, the Bear ; To Die in Dust ; and Make Way for Thirteen .

Also present are several short manuscripts by Ansell, including the long poem “Man is a Rational Animal;” the lecture “The Portrayal of the Jew in the American Novel, Drama and Film,” given at Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, Apr. 11, 1961; uncollected short stories; poems; articles; essays; song lyrics; and other items.

Meir Z. Ribalow also has manuscript material in the collection, including Pay the Piper (a collection of poetry); Silent Partner, a play produced by the APA Repertory Company in New York City, 1976; and Sundance, a play produced by the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York City, 1976.

Printed material in the collection includes short stories by Ansell printed in American Judaism, The Phillipine-American, and Humo ; reviews, ads, and dust jackets for Ansell’s novels and stories; and other items.

Photographs in the collection includes publicity portraits of Ansell, as well as some personal photos.

The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings done by Ansell for the University of Missouri student newspaper, while Ansell was a student there; they date from 1947 to 1948.

Correspondence in the collection is a mixture of personal and professional, and dates from 1952 to 1976. Notable correspondents include Margaret Cousins, James Duffy, Eddie Fisher, William Hanley, Rust Hills, Lucas Longo, and Stephen Longstreet. Also of interest is a group of letters and related items regarding the Pi Tau Pi Fraternity, of which Ansell was a member.

Memorabilia in the collection includes documents regarding Ansell’s military career, various programs, certificates, and other miscellaneous items.

Several items in the collection relate to Ansell’s career at the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) television network. These include: three promotional brochures written and designed by Ansell while Manager of Sales, Development at Promotion, 1960, 1966, 1967; two speeches written by Ansell for ABC President James Duffy, 1974; letters regarding Ansell’s promotions to Director of TV Sales Development, 1966, and Director of Special Projects, President’s Office, Mar. 1971, including Roone Arledge, James Duffy, Steve Mills, and Elton Rule; a press release regarding programs containing adult subject matter, Mar. 25, 1975; and a press release regarding remarks by Elton H. Rule, Apr. 1, 1975.
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