Bainbridge, John (1913-1992)
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The John Bainbridge collection consists of manuscripts, research material, correspondence, printed material, and audio recordings.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts and, in many cases, galleys and proofs. Titles include The Little Wonder; The Reader's Digest and How it Grew (Renayl, 1946); The Wonderful World of Toots Shor (Houghton, 1951); Garbo (Doubleday, 1955); The Super-Americans (Doubleday, 1961), including drafts of the series of articles on Texas for The New Yorker magazine which formed the basis of the book; Like a Homesick Angel (Holt, 1969); numerous articles written for Gourmet magazine in the 1990s, and several other articles on various topics.

Research material in the collection is extensive, consisting of numerous files arranged by various subjects. Many of the files relate to Bainbridge’s books. Files for Little Wonder include manuscripts, correspondence from the New Yorker staff, articles regarding Bainbridge's New Yorker series on Reader's Digest, and an essay by Edward Collins Downing. Files for The Wonderful World of Toots Shor include correspondence (including several letters from Toots Shor to Bainbridge), interview transcripts, printed items, and numerous pages of biographical notes and material. Files for Garbo include photographs, publicity items regarding Greta Garbo, biographical notes, and interviews, including interview with John and Penelope Betjeman. Files for The Super-Americans include correspondence, manuscripts, notes, interviews, photographs, printed items, and more. The files for Like a Homesick Angel include correspondence and notes. The files for Biography of an Idea include several articles regarding Mutual Fire and Casualty Insurance, along with correspondence and notes.

Other topics represented in the research files include material collected for various New Yorker and other magazine articles (dating from the 1940s through the 1960s); Louis Bromfield; California; George Bernard Shaw; the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; England; Gourmet magazine (correspondence); and The Atlantic Monthly (from the early 1960s).

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters sent to Bainbridge, including several regarding his New Yorker articles and his books Garbo and The Super-Americans. Notable correspondents include Sen. John J. Williams, Sen. William Proxmire, Stanley Marcus, J. Edgar Hoover, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Printed material in the collection includes published versions of his writings for The New Yorker (1939-1960s) as well as his writings on Greta Garbo for various magazines; dust jackets and cover designs for his books; and hundreds of reviews of The Super-Americans.

Audio recordings in the collection include cassette tapes and dozens of reel-to-reel tapes of interviews conducted by Bainbridge, as well as talks or readings given by him. In addition, the collection has many recordings of John Betjeman from the 1970s.

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1. Bainbridge, John, 1913-1992
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