Bacevich, Andrew (1947- )

The Andrew Bacevich collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, research material, printed material, professional material, film and video, photographs, personal memorabilia, journals and diaries, and other items.

Correspondence in the collection includes chronological files of professional and personal letters, with some printed and legal material interfiled. The letters date from 1982 to ca. 1992. Notable correspondents include Steve Brown (a producer and screenwriter), Robert R. Ivany, John A. Wickham, Gen. David H. Petraeus, Congressman Thomas Foglietta, Gen. Frederick M. Franks, and Eliot A. Cohen.

Manuscripts by Bacevich include his essays "Careerism and the Demise of Professionalism," "Conventional Wisdom: A Dissenting View of the Next War," "The German People and the American Army," and "Notes for My Turtle: Perspectives on Command"; essays written for West Point (1965-1969) and graduate school (1975-1977); poems (1965-1968); and other items. Also present is the draft of a screenplay by Steve Brown.

Research Material in the collection consists of files of printed material, photocopied documents, notes, letters, and other material. The files pertain to Bacevich's book Diplomat in Khaki: Major General Frank Ross McCoy and American Foreign Policy, 1898-1949 (University Press of Kansas, 1989).

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of publications containing articles, book reviews or opinion pieces by Bacevich. These include magazines, reports, newsletters and clippings from the 1990s to the present day. Periodicals include Armed Forces and Society, Army, Commonweal, The Economist, First Things, Harper's, The International History Review, Military Review, National Review, The New Republic, The Weekly Standard, The Wilson Quarterly, Stars and Stripes, and others. In addition, there are clippings present from over two dozen world newspapers and newsletters, including an article from BU today titled “Good-bye, Professor Bacevich: BU scholar-soldier reflects on his miltary and academic career” (2014). Also present are several articles about Bacevich and his military command, and a copy of "Training Armor Units for Desert Operations," written by Bacevich (1975). The series also includes Bacevich’s essay “I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose: We Were Both Doing Our Duty” (2007) and article “After Iraq, War is US” (2011).

Professional material in the collection includes Bacevich’s notes and teacher evaluations from Boston University (1992-2011).

Film and video in the collection includes a VHS tape on James Miller, and numerous DVDs. The DVDs in this series include Carnegie Ethics Lecture: Andrew Bacevich – The Limits of Power: The Enduring Relevance of Reinhold Niebuhr (2007), Boston University’s World of Ideas (2007), Arts and Sciences at Boston University Presents US Presidential Campaigns in Wartime: A History (2008), and Obama’s War (2009), among other titles.

Photographs in the collection consist of images of Bacevich taken during his military career. These includes color slides of Bacevich's command in Germany, official Army photographs, and photos of Bacevich briefing Michael Stone, the U.S. Secretary of the Army. Also present are some photos of Bacevich with his friends and family.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes several plaques presented to Bacevich commemorating his Army service, as well as a certificate of membership in the 3rd U.S. Cavalry Association (1973) and a framed bronze medallion from the Order of St. George.

Other material in the collection includes several journals and diaries, dating from 1969 to 2005; juvenilia from grade school and high school; and a scrapbook dated 1991.

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