Abel, Elie (1920-2004)
The Elie Abel collection is divided into two sections. The first section consists of original manuscript material. The second section consists of photocopies of originals housed in the Hoover Institution Archives at Stanford University. The collection as a whole is primarily composed of manuscripts by Abel, with numerous items of supporting correspondence from noted figures in journalism, publishing, and public affairs, as well as a comprehensive collection of Abel’s printed journalism. The writings and letters complement each other to present a complete view of Abel as a journalist, writer, and intellectual.

The first section is divided into five series: I. Early Writings, 1946-1949; II. New York Times Material, 1949-1959; III. NBC News, 1961-1967; IV. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1962-1969; V. Miscellaneous Items. Each series includes manuscripts, correspondence, and printed items (except series V, which consists of one item).

Series I, Early Writings, 1946-1949, includes typescript manuscripts of articles written when Abel was a reporter for the Windsor Star in Ontario, as well as foreign correspondent in Berlin for the North American Newspaper Alliance. Also included are several printed articles, mostly tearsheets of newspaper articles Abel filed from Berlin.

Series II, New York Times Material, 1949-1959, consists mainly of numerous tearsheets of New York Times articles written by Abel. The correspondence in this sections dates 1956-1959; notable items include letters from James Michener and Arthur Sulzberger, as well as an interview with Chivu Stoica from 1958.

Series III, NBC News, 1961-1967, is sub-divided into three sections of manuscripts: radio and TV scripts, TV specials (1962-1969), and books. These items cover Abel’s career as Washington Bureau Chief for the Detroit News and London bureau chief and later Washington, D.C. diplomatic correspondent for NBC News.

The radio and TV scripts section includes hundreds of typescript and carbon typescript manuscripts of scripts written by Abel for NBC News, dating 1961-1967.

The TV specials (1962-1969) section includes several typescript and mimeograph manuscripts for various television programs. Also present are two interviews with Dean Rusk (1962 and 1964) and correspondence.

The books section consists of manuscript material and correspondence regarding The Missile Crisis, published by J. B. Lippincott, 1966. The manuscripts include a typescript draft of chapter 3 with holograph corrections, galley proofs, and a complete carbon typescript draft. The correspondence (1964-1969) includes letters from J. W. Fulbright, Hubert Humphrey, and Dean Rusk, as well as a significant letter from John Wright, who was a Colonel in charge of the Latin American Desk at the Defense Intelligence Agency at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Also included is one printed review.

Series IV, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1962-1969, includes letters to Abel from Dean Acheson, Edward R. Murrow, John Kenneth Galbraith, Hubert Humphrey, Clark Clifford, and Steve Allen.

Series V, Miscellaneous Items, consists of a memo from Frank Reuven concerning procedures at NBC News.

The second section of the Abel Collection consists of photocopied material from the Hoover Institution Archives at Stanford University. Material regarding Abel’s later career, after he left journalism for teaching and non-fiction writing, can be found here. These papers are divided into two series: I. Biographical File, 1963-1977; II. Speeches and Writings, 1952-1978. Please note that permission to photocopy or otherwise reproduce any material from this section must be obtained from the Hoover Institution Archives.

Series I, Biographical File, 1963-1977, consists of clippings and miscellany relating to Abel’s life, arranged alphabetically.

Series II, Speeches and Writings, 1952-1978, consists of drafts and printed copies of books, articles, speeches, lectures, and book reviews by Abel, with supporting correspondence, notes, research materials and reviews, arranged chronologically by date of publication or writing. Included is manuscript material for Abel’s books The Missile Crisis, Roots of Involvement: The U. S. in Asia, 1784-1971, and Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin. Notable correspondents in this series include Edward L. Bernays, McGeorge Bundy, Richard Holbrooke, Alfred A. Knopf, Dean Rusk, and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Of particular note is a series of letters from W. Averill Harriman (1972-1977), largely of Harriman’s recollections and remarks on chapters of Abel’s Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin; several letters contain research material and photocopies of others’ correspondence.
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