Bankowsky, Richard (1928- )

The Richard Bankowsky collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and other material.

Manuscripts by Bankowsky in the collection include short stories (about twenty total), books, stage plays, and other items. Books in the collection include drafts and proofs of A Glass Rose (Random House, 1958); After Pentacost (Random House, 1961); On a Dark Night (Random House, 1964); The Pale Criminals, or: the Recalcitrant Fourth (Random House, 1967); Barbarians at the Gate (Little, Brown, 1972); Meditations on an Empty Tomb (unpublished); Rex Nemorensis; and Hello Central Get Me Heaven (1978). Stage plays in the collection include drafts of A Dostoevsky In Love (1985-1987); The Madman of Weimar (1986); Troika; The Unholy Trinity (1986); and God's Spies: A Comedy in Two Acts (1989). Also present are four screenplays Bankowsky (all ca. 1999) and several academic papers he wrote in 1948.

The correspondence in the collection primarily consists of professional letters from Bankowsky's publishers and agents. These include a number of letters from the Atlantic Monthly Press and the William Morris Agency. Also present are royalty receipts and letters regarding manuscript revisions. In total, the collection has well over 200 pieces of correspondence, dating from 1953 to 1996.

Other material in the collection includes two unbound scrapbooks of items (1958-1961); several notebooks containing writings for Meditations on an Empty Tomb; a handful of personal photographs; seven contracts (1957-1973); some financial records; and Bankowsky's academic record from the State University of Iowa (ca. 1959).

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