Ageton, Arthur Ainslie (1900-1971)
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The Arthur Ainslie Ageton collection primarily consists of manuscripts by Ageton, including early short works (fiction and non-fiction), works concerning navigation and the U.S. Navy, and later novels and memoirs. The papers also include numerous items of correspondence, several printed items, professional material, and some photographs and other items. The collection as a whole covers all facets of Ageton’s professional life as a U.S. Navy officer, U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay, and business executive, in addition to his creative life as a writer and teacher of writing.

The short manuscripts by Ageton are arranged chronologically, from 1920 to 1948, beginning with a holograph draft of his first short story, “Brownie.” Also included in this series are manuscripts Ageton wrote as assignments for a writing course, as well as letters and instruction booklets regarding the course.

Ageton’s manuscripts on naval affairs includes his papers on navigation (including Dead Reckoning Altitude and Azimuth Table (1932), Naval Leadership, The Marine Officer’s Guide, and The Naval Officer’s Guide. The latter work is represented in eight editions. Included with holograph drafts, printed proofs, and research documents are numerous items of correspondence from various U.S. Navy Admirals and others regarding Ageton’s writings.

Ageton’s other manuscripts include Heritage of the Sea (1932), Mary Joe and Little Liu (novel, 1945), Murder, or High Strategy? (1952), Experiments in Diplomacy (1953), Admiral Ambassador to Russia (1955), and Hit the Beach (novel, 1961), in addition to various other shorter works.

Other material includes a comprehensive run of correspondence, printed versions of Ageton’s writings, material regarding the International Products Corporation and Ageton’s creative writing course, photographs, and miscellaneous memorabilia.
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1. Ageton, Arthur A. (Arthur Ainslie), 1900-1971
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