Jeffries, Roderic [Jeffrey Ashford] (1926-2017)
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The Roderic Jeffries (Jeffrey Ashford) Collection  consists of manuscripts and page proofs for several of Roderic Jeffries's novels. 

Novels by Jeffries (writing as himself) represented in the collection include Police Dog (Harper, 1965); A Deadly Marriage (Collins, 1967); Murder Begets Murder (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1978); Just Deserts (proofs only; St. Martin's, 1980); Unseemly End (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1981); Layers of Deceit (also proofs; Collins, 1985); Almost Murder (proofs only; Collins, 1986); Relatively Dangerous (also proofs; Collins, 1987); Death Trick (proofs only; Collins, 1988); Dead Clever (proofs only; HarperCollins, 1989); Too Clever by Half (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1990); A Fatal Fleece (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1991); Murder's Long Memory (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1992); Murder Confounded (St. Martin's, 1993); Death Takes Time (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1994); An Arcadian Death (also proofs; HarperCollins, 1995); An Artistic Way to Go (also proofs; HarperCollins, 1996); An Artful Death: An Inspector Alvarez Novel (Collins Crime, 2000); and The Ambiguity of Murder: An Inspector Alvarez Mystery (St. Martin's Minotaur, 2001).  

Novels by Jeffries writing as Peter Alding include The C.I.D. Room (John Long, 1967); Murder Among Thieves (John Long, 1969); and Guilt Without Proof (John Long, 1970).  

Novels by Jeffries writing as Jeffrey Ashford include Consider the Evidence (Walker and Co., 1966); Prisoner at the Bar (Walker and Co., 1969); To Protect the Guilty (Walker and Co., 1970); The Loss of the Culion (proofs only; Walker and Co., 1981); Guilt with Honor (proofs only; Walker and Co., 1982); A Sense of Loyalty (proofs only; Collins, 1983); Presumption of Guilt (proofs only; Walker and Co., 1984); An Ideal Crime (proofs only; Collins, 1985); A Question of Principle (proofs only; Collins, 1986); A Crime Remembered (proofs only; Collins, 1987); The Honourable Detective (also proofs; HarperCollins, 1988); A Conflict of Interests (proofs only; St. Martin's, 1989); An Illegal Solution (proofs only; St. Martin's, 1990); Deadly Reunion (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1991); Twisted Justice (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1992); Judgement Deferred (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1993); The Bitter Bite (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1994); The Price of Failure (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1995); Loyal Disloyalty (also proofs; St. Martin's, 1996); and Looking-Glass Justice (Severn House Publishers, 2000).  

In addition, the collection includes two untitled, unidentified novels by Jeffries, possibly unpublished.
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