Maysles, David (1932-1987)
The David Maysles collection contains film and video, audio material, electronic media, professional materials, manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, photographs, legal materials, notebooks, scrapbooks, personal memorabilia, and artwork.

Film and video includes VHS tapes of Maysles' work as a filmmaker as well as personal recordings.  Titles include The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit (1991); several films about the artist Christo (1974-1995); Gimme Shelter: The Rolling Stones (1970); Grey Gardens (1974); Salesman; Showman (1963); and others.  Also present are video recordings titled: "The Independent Film Festival of Boston Celebrates the Career Achievements of Albert and David Maysles" (2005); "International Documentary Association 10th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards- Albert and David Maysles" (1994); "Orson Welles- Spain" (1996); and "To The Best: The Men and Women of Chrysler."

Audio includes interview with David and his brother Albert Maysles on  compact discs and cassette tapes; cassette tapes regarding Christo; compact discs regarding Maysles' works and personal life; and other items.

Electronic media includes discs regarding archival material for Wild Blue Yonder, including digital documents; as well as material regarding Grey Gardens.

Professional materials include manuscripts, transcripts of film productions, interview transcripts by Maysles, correspondence, legal material, artwork and collages by Maysles and his brother Albert, notes, cover design sketches and proofs, and photographs. The material is dated from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Manuscripts include various untitled interview transcripts regarding the life and work of David and Albert Maysles.  There are transcripts for interviews about Salesman, Gimme Shelter, and the Maysles brothers works in general. Some of Maysles' research notes for his films have also been collected, as well as a prospectus for a doctoral dissertation on the topic of Maysles' films by Samuel D. McClelland (1974).

Correspondence includes letters to the Belmarsh family (cousins of the Maysles) dated 1937-1953;  condolence letters to David's wife, Judith Maysles, upon his death in 1987;  letters from Vladamir Horowitz, Nora Ephron, Edith Beale, Stephen Mamber,  various family members, and others.

Printed materials include newspaper and magazine clippings, programs, pamphlets, booklets, and more. Most of it is promotional or other material regarding Maysles' films, dated from the 1970s to 2005. Also included are posters for Salesman and Maysles Films; and advertisements for Gimme Shelter and the Maysles film studios editing rooms for rent.  Many clippings regarding film reviews and articles have been collected from various newspapers and magazines.

Photographs include those of a family dinner in 2006; black and white prints of shots from most of Maysles' films; various personal candid photos; several photos of celebrities including Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and the Beatles; and more.

Legal materials include those regarding a housing dispute regarding Maysles in 1957 and legal material regarding the production of Grey Gardens.

Notebooks and scrapbooks featuring notes on various projects, appointments, contacts, travel, a baby book, and more and date from the 1960s-1980s.

Personal memorabilia includes the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 1986-1987 Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations: Outstanding Individual, for Maysles; Chicago International Documentary Festival Award (2005); Maysles' Boston University diploma (class of 1953); fliers and invitations to various parties hosted by Maysles; Marsyles' high school diploma; and three pairs of reading glasses, among other memorabilia.
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