Inez, Colette (1931-2018)
The Colette Inez collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, artwork, diaries and journals, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for full length works, poems, and other items.

Collected full length manuscripts include 8 Minutes from the Sun; Alive and Taking Names; Family Life; Spinoza Doesn’t Come Here Any More; and The Woman Who Loved Worms.

Collected poem manuscripts include "The Purple Suede Hat," "The Tuner," "California Father," The Ancestors," "The Cardinal," "A Bee Takes Leave of His Conscious State of Being...," "In Our Element," "Question for Harry," and others.

Also present are various poetry worksheets (typescript and holograph); selected journal excerpts (1965-1985); "Mary Shelley: Scenes from a Life"; and "Double Images – by: Colette Inez, Barbara Biggs" (poems and black and white photo prints).

Correspondence collected between the 1960s and 2000s consists of cards, postcards, e-mails, and enclosed printed materials. Items are both personal and professional. In addition to an extensive set of letters to husband Saul Stadtmauer (1966-2005), the collection includes exchanges with notables such as Anne Baxter, Olga Cabral, Haydn Carruth, Billy Collins, Allen Ginsberg (and father Louis), John Haines, Josephine Jacobson, Galway Kinnell, Stanley Kunitz, Larry Levis, Phililp Lopate, David Ray, Sharon Olinka, Ann Townsend, Mary Dalton, Eugene McCarthy, Howard Nemerov, Alicia Ostriker, Linda Patson, Marge Piercy, Henry Taylor, Elie Wiesel, and others.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes Inez’s high school yearbook (contains academic notes, 1948); a folder decorated by Mindy Levitt for Inez and Stadtmauer (contains printed material, photographs, ephemera); and a hat designed and made by poet Holly Scalera (with Inez's poem "Seraphina" sewn on top).

The collection’s printed materials include articles, fliers, reviews, interviews, and more. A galley proof of Inez’s Secret of M. Dulon: A Memoir is also present, as are materials from Inez’s courses at Hunter College.

Professional materials consist of subject files regarding various individuals, programs, and publications. Additional materials concern endowments and fellowships (1982-1989), such as applications, requests for references; proposals; and contracts. Inez's CV (2005) is also included.

The collection includes assorted pen and pencil drawings by Inez (1954-1975) and illustrated notes and letters from Inez to her mother-in-law (1963-1978).

Collected diaries and journals (1957-2005) include drafts of poems, printed materials, and notes documenting Inez’s world travels.

Other items in the collection consist of cassette tapes of "WJFF Monday Afternoon Classics" and "Miz Inez Sez" (with program); a "Mary Shelley: Scenes from a Life" DVD (2006); and a Doubleday contract for The Woman Who Loved Worms and Other Poems.
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