Black, Campbell (1944-2013)

The Campbell Black collection consists of manuscripts, legal material, correspondence, printed material, and photographs.

Manuscripts by Black in the collection include novels written under the pseudonym Campbell Armstrong, including Jig (1987), Mazurka (1988), Mambo (1990), Agents of Darkness (1991), Concert of Ghosts (1992), and Tango (unpublished), among others. Also present are two novels written under the pseudonym Thomas Weldon, The Trader’s Wife (1997) and The Surgeon’s Daughter (1998). The series also contains the screenplay, Agents of Darkness (1996), and stage play, And They Used to Star in Movies.

Legal material in the collection consists of a Raider’s of the Lost Ark contract (1980), which includes royalty statements.

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters, dating from the 1980s and 1990s.

Printed material in the collection includes various magazines dated from 1982 to 2002, some with writing by Black, most from 1989. Other items include maps and some miscellaneous items. The series also includes book reviews and press materials circa 1980-2002, and a color poster for Jig.

Photographs in the collection include portraits of Black, in both color and black and white.

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