Blaustein, Julian (1913-1995)

The Julian Blaustein collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research material, contracts, and professional material, all pertaining to Blaustein’s career in Hollywood between 1962 and 1969.  Most of the collection pertains to the films Khartoum (1966) and Three Into Two Won’t Go (1969). 

The material regarding Khartoum includes: four drafts of the screenplay, by Robert Ardrey; photographs of Sudan, both period (1880’s) and contemporary images, with approximately 100 photos from each time period; background information on Khartoum, the British Cabinet, Gen. Charles Gordon (including photographs of period studies and of a statue of Gordon), and Cairo; script comments; correspondence, specifically over 200 letters from late 1964 regarding hiring extras, sets, hotel accommodations, custom duties and more; and subject files of various items arranged by topic.  The latter include files on: advertising; Robert Ardrey (over 40 letters and 2 contracts); Julian Blaustein Productions, Inc.; accounting; agents; Yakima Canutt, second unit director (over 60 letters and contracts); casting (photographs and correspondence, including a letter from Laurence Olivier to Blaustein); contracts; Charlton Heston (over 80 letters and contracts, including four letters from Heston to Blaustein); Richard Johnson (over 30 letters and contracts); Morocco; Laurence Olivier (over 40 letters and contracts); United Artists; and other subjects. 

Material regarding Three Into Two Won’t Go dates from 1962 to 1969, and includes: four drafts of the screenplay by Edna O’Brien; correspondence; subject files; call sheets; contracts; photographs; financial records; schedules; and other items, including letters from Claire Bloom and Edna O’Brien.

The collection also includes several other subject files containing various items.  Topics include: Broken Field Runner, by Fred Segal (1966); Yakima Canutt (1967); Dracula (1966); James Drought (1966-1967); Everything is Thunder (1966); Games People Play (1966); miscellaneous correspondence, including a letter from James Jones (1966-1967); Royal Hunt of the Sun (1964-1966); Tai-Pan, by James Clavell, including screenplay drafts by Clavell (1965-1966); and Kenneth Tynan, including a letter from Tynan (1966).

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