Bloomfield, Anthony (1922-2001)

The Anthony Bloomfield collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts for novels by Bloomfield include Russian Roulette (Harcourt, 1955); The Delinquents (Hogarth Press, 1958); The Tempter (Scribner, 1961); Throw <(Scribner, 1965); Life for a Life (Scribner, 1971); Reilly’s Fire (1980); Daniel Darling (unfinished); Love in Exile (unpublished); Stripped (unfinished); Who Killed J and Why (unpublished); and The Time to Be a Woman (unpublished).

Manuscripts for teleplays by Bloomfield (mostly written under the pseudonym ";John Westgate") include "Turn Off If You Know the Ending" (British Broadcasting Corp., 1966); "One Day It Could Be Different," for the series Courage (BBC, 1966); "Victor, Victor" (BBC, 1967); "Inventory for the Summer" (BBC, 1967); "Life for a Life" teleplay version, BBC, 1967); "The Village of Smiles," for the series Doctor Who (1968); "Hands with the Magic Touch" (BBC, 1970); "Beneath the Tide" (BBC, 1971); "It's Only a Game Isn't It," for the series The Prisoner (never aired); "The Bad Joke"; "Walk-Out"; "The Game is Baccarat"; and several other outlines and notes.

Also present are manuscripts for "Dessert Days," a radio play; The Enthusiasts, a stage play; several papers written for the International Society for Contemporary Literature and Theatre; and numerous short stories, poems, notes, fragments, outlines, sketches, and miscellaneous drafts.

Correspondence in the collection includes primarily professional letters. These date from 1932 to about 1984, and include letters to and from various British literary editors, agents, and publishers. Also present are some personal letters dating from 1930 to 1937.

Printed material in the collection includes several newspaper clippings, magazines, book catalogs, and other items. Periodicals include The Nottinghamian (magazine of the Nottingham High School), 24 issues, 1933-1946; Gen (magazine published by the MEF for Gen. Joint Publications Board for the forces in the Middle East and Persia-Iraq Commands), 3 issues, 1945; Books and Bookmen, 3 issues, 1958-1959; Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, 1977; Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 1983; and several others. Also present are three scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, as well as several reviews of Bloomfield's writings and clippings regarding the International Society for Contemporary Literature and Theatre.

Other material in the collection includes research material; audio recordings; and personal items.

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