Bocca, Geoffrey (1923-1983)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Geoffrey Bocca collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, research material, correspondence, professional material, photographs, diaries and journals, and scrapbooks.

Manuscripts by Bocca in the collection include a scrapbook (and some loose pages) of typed pages, holograph notes, printed material, and correspondence for The Life and Death of Sir Harry Oakes (Doubleday, 1959); a copy of a typed draft for The Secret Army (Prentice Hall, 1968); a typed draft, with corrections, for The Great Resorts Hawthorne, 1971); the setting copy for Don’t Cry Wolf (Bobbs-Merrill, 1973); typed draft pages and research materials for a book on Charlie Chaplin; typed pages, holograph notes, and research material for The Magic World of Soccer (abandoned, unpublished); and a copy of the typewritten draft for Bocca's article about the ocean liner Queen Mary. Novels by Bocca in this series include Get Ricardo Pedraza; The Lark Above, The Guns Below; Revenge (1983 revision); and Rivera. This series also includes lectures by Bocca from 1980 to 1981.

Printed material in the collection includes a photocopy of an article by Bocca, published in VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly,May 1978; bestseller reviews; a photocopy of Bocca's The Life and Death of Sir Harry Oakes (1959); a press release; and clippings, maps, and book jackets circa 1978-1991, among other items.

Research material in the collection consists of Hollywood interviews; a file regarding Charlie Chaplin; and travel research (1982).

Correspondence in the collection consists of letters sent to Bocca between 1959 and 1983. Notable correspondents include Joan Crawford (1963); Ian Fleming (1963); Maxwell Aitken Beaverbrook (1959-1963); Richard Condon (1970); and Charles Wintour (1964). This series also includes additional personal correspondence with Bocca’s family and fan mail.

Professional material in the collection includes Bocca's resumes, Penn State University lectures (1977-1982), contracts and copyright info (1957-1986), permissions (1981-1984), and subject file notes on soccer, football, and rugby, among other items.

Photographs in the collection include black and white prints dating from 1974 to 2010, among other black and white and colored prints.

Diaries and journals in the collection include Bocca's weekly planner from 1981, and an address book.

Scrapbooks in the collection consist of period covers from 1949 to 1951; articles by Bocca (1948-1952); articles about Bocca (1953); and material regarding Bocca's European travel.

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1. Bocca, Geoffrey
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