Shyre, Paul (1926-1989)
The Paul Shyre collection consists of manuscripts, correspondences, business and legal documents, printed materials, and personal memorabilia.

In general the manuscripts include plays Shyre adapted, produced, and/or directed.  Drafts of plays (with profuse notes) include The Child Buyer, The Creditors by August Strindberg, Drums Under the Window, I Knock at the Door, Pictures in the Hallway by Sean O'Casey, USA by John Dos Passos, adapted by Shyre and Dos Passos, a play about Eugene O'Neill, and others. In addition, the collection contains teleplays, plays, and articles written for various publications, including the Emmy award-winning Hizzoner! (1984).

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1954 to 1985 and includes personal and professional letters, business material, and fan mail. Notable correspondents include Sean O'Casey, John Dos Passos, Carlotta O'Neill (Eugene O'Neill's wife), Philip Miroff, Edward Gordon Craig, Julie Hayden Nathan, Irvin Graham, Charles Feinberg, Nelson Rockefeller Emlyn Williams, David Krause, Morris Abram, and Jules Irving, among many others.

Printed material in the collection includes production material, publicity material, and other items regarding several of Shyre's stage productions. The collection also contains photocopied articles, newspaper clippings, brochures and programs, and Shyre's personal copies of several theatre-related publications.

Photographs in the collection are extensive and consist of many photos of various productions, theater persons, and Shyre himself.  The collection also contains several photographs of Eugene O'Neill with his wife and friends (1933-1941).

Memorabilia in the collection includes Eugene O'Neill's passport and suitcase given to Shyre by O'Neill's wife Carlotta.
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