Boyd, Malcolm (1923-2015)

The Malcolm Boyd collection includes manuscripts, subject files, correspondence, printed material, professional material, photographs, audio recordings, film and video, personal memorabilia, and electronic media.

Manuscripts by Boyd in the collection include plays, book-length works, and shorter pieces.

Plays by Boyd in the collection (produced in 1962 unless otherwise indicated) include They Aren’t Real to Me; The Job; Study in Color; Boy (1964); and Malice (one-act play, possibly unproduced).

Book-length works by Boyd in the collection include Free to Live, Free to Die (1967); Malcolm Boyd’s Book of Days (1968); As I Live and Breathe: Stages of an Autobiography (1970); When in the Course of Human Events (1973); Am I Running With You, God? (1978); Take Off the Masks (1978); and Half Laughing / Half Crying: Songs for Myself (1986).

Shorter pieces by Boyd include numerous sermons, essays, columns, articles, book reviews, and film reviews. Teleplays by Boyd include the four-episode program A Change Of Heart, about divorce (1975) and a two-part program on sex (Jan. 1976). Several unpublished pieces are present in the collection, including the longer work Tinsel Town (ca. 1946), along with Boyd’s material for a filmstrip set titled “The Builders.” The series also includes work by Boyd such as sermons (2005); homilies given at the Cathedral Center (2006); a speech entitled “Being Queer, Growing Old and Having a Spiritual Life” (2006); and script notes for a book party

Manuscripts by others in the collection include Martin E. Marty’s forward to Running with Jesus: The Prayers of Malcolm Boyd (Augsburg Fortress Press, 2000); A Homily for Christmas, by Michael Cunningham; manuscripts by the Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Bishop of New York; and various teleplays and radio scripts, including “Theater of American Valor with Mary Pickford” (1950).

Subject files in the collection consist of files, arranged by Boyd, regarding his published works and public appearances. The files include reviews, publicity, correspondence, professional material, financial material, legal material, and other items. File subjects include Are You Running With Me, Jesus? (1964-1967); Book of Days (1967-1968); Christ and Celebrity Gods (1958-1964); The Community (play; 1963-1965); Crisis in Communication (1958-1968); The Fantasy Worlds of Peter Stone (1968-1970); Focus (1960-1963); Free to Live, Free to Die (1967-1968); The Hunger, The Thirst (1961-1967); If I Go Down to Hell (1962-1963); On the Battle Lines (edited by Boyd; 1963-1964); The Underground Church (edited by Boyd and others; 1967-1969); Colorado State University (1959-1961); Daytona Beach, Florida (1963); Detroit, Michigan (1963); Holy Land tour (1964); Indianapolis, Indiana; Louisiana State University (1959); Wayne State University (1961-1964); and various essays.

Correspondence in the collection dates from ca. 1951 to 2013, and includes both personal and professional letters. Notable correspondents include Robert Brustein, William Sloane Coffin, Harvey Cox, Hugh Downs, Todd Gitlin, Hugh Hefner, John Hersey, Abbie Hoffman, Vernon Jordan, Norman Mailer, Herbert Hitgang, Mary Pickford, Norman Podhoretz, and Irwin Shaw. Correspondence from bishops includes letters from William F. Creighton, Robert L. DeWitt, Horace W. B. Donegan, Richard S. M. Emrich, Paul Moore, and James Albert Pike.

Printed material in the collection includes numerous published articles, columns, reviews, and essays by Boyd from various periodicals (1956-1975); general publicity clippings about Boyd (1946-1969); reviews of Boyd’s books; Boyd’s columns for Modern Maturity (1990-1999); and posters and flyers promoting his books and appearances. This series also features material regarding Boyd’s death, which includes a Celebration of Life program, obituaries from The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, and an article of appreciation (2015).

Professional material in the collection includes a file regarding Boyd’s blog for Huffington Post (2012), material for interview preparation, 8 day planners entitled “The Liturgical Desk Calendar,” which date from 1997 to 2004 and include handwritten plans and announcements; and material regarding Boyd’s sermon ideas and awards dating from 1997 to 2014.

Photographs in the collection includes several images of Boyd, dating from his childhood to 2004. Images from Boyd’s Hollywood years include Jack Benny, Cecil B. DeMille, Dale Evans, Mary Pickford, Roy Rogers, and Gloria Swanson. Other images include Boyd giving speeches; Boyd visiting Jerusalem; a candid group photograph; and publicity photos.

Audio recordings in the collection include reel-to-reel tapes and phonograph records. Subjects include: Boyd’s ordination to the priesthood; performances of Boyd’s plays; readings and speeches; interviews; and performances with Charlie Byrd. The recordings date from the 1950s to 1975. A significant section of recordings are cassette tapes of Boyd’s sermons at the St. Augustine by the Sea Episcopal Church in Santa Monica, California (1980s-1990s).

Film and video in the collection include a tape of Hugh Hefner interviewing Boyd on Playboy After Dark; four digital video discs of interviews with Boyd regarding his life and times; and miscellaneous video cassette recordings. The series also contains DVD interviews of Boyd regarding the topics of ministry and civil rights, LGBTQ issues, writing, and Hollywood (2004-2005).

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes various items of personal significance to Boyd. Notable items include five masks used for performances of Boyd’s play A Study in Color; a memorial card from Boyd’s ordination; various juvenilia, including his sailor suit from age three; programs for the Mass spoken by Boyd at the memorial service for Matthew Shepard (1998); the statement of domestic partnership for Boyd and Mark H. Thompson (2001). Especially notable are the liturgical vestments in the collection, given to Boyd by Mary Pickford in 1954 from her collection at her Pickfair estate. They include a Northern European chasuble (late 18th century), a blue European stole (17th century), another stole (1770s), and a maniple. Awards and certificates in the series includes a Certificate of Appreciation for Boyd from the City of Los Angeles and the California Senate (2013).

Electronic media in the collection consists of digital photographs authorized for use by the Gotlieb Archives, courtesy of Episcopal News, and a CD-ROM containing other pictures of Boyd.

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