Bradley, Marion Zimmer (1930-1999)

The Marion Zimmer Bradley collection includes manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, personal memorabilia, legal material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Bradley in the collection include her fiction works Falcons of Narabedla (1964); Castle Terror (1965); Souvenir of Monique (1967); The Brass Dragon (1969); The Dark Satanic (1972); Hunters of the Red Moon (1973); In the Steps of the Master (The Sixth Sense no. 6), a teleplay novelization (1973); The Endless Voyage (1975) and the expanded version, Endless Universe (1979); Drums of Darkness (1976); The Ruins of Isis (1978); The Survivors, written with her brother, Paul Edwin Zimmer (1979); The Catch Trap (1979); The House Between the Worlds (1980); Survey Ship (1980); Web of Light (1982); The Mists of Avalon (1983); Greyhaven: An Anthology of Fantasy (1983); Web of Darkness (1983); The Inheritor (1984); Night’s Daughter (1985); Lythande, anthology written with Vonda McIntyre (1986); The Firebrand (1987); The Colors of Space (1988); Witch Hill (1990); Black Trillium (1991); The Forest House (1994); Lady of the Trillium (1995); the original proposal for Tiger, Burning Bright (1995); Ghostlight (1995); Glenraven (1996); The Gratitude of Kings (1997); Gravelight (1997); Lady of Avalon (1997); and In the Rift (1998).

Bradley’s manuscripts for novels and anthologies in the Darkover series include The Bloody Sun (1964); Star of Danger (1965); The Winds of Darkover (1970); The World Wreckers (1971); Darkover Landfall (1972); The Spell Sword (1974); The Heritage of Hastur (1975); The Shattered Chain (1976); The Forbidden Tower (1977); Stormqueen! (1978); Legends of Hastur and Cassilda (1979); Tales of the Free Amazons (1980); Two to Conquer (1980); The Keeper’s Price and Other Stories (1980); Sharra’s Exile (1981); Sword of Chaos (1981); Hawkmistress! (1982); Thendara House (1983); City of Sorcery (1984); Free Amazons of Darkover (1985); Red Sun of Darkover (1987); Four Moons of Darkover (1988); The Heirs of Hammerfell (1990); Renunciates of Darkover (1991); Leroni of Darkover (1991); Rediscovery, written with Mercedes Lackey (1991); Towers of Darkover (1993); Snows of Darkover (1994); Exile’s Song (1996); and Heartlight (1998).

Manuscripts of Bradley’s non-fiction and literary criticism includes A Complete, Cumulative Checklist of Lesbian, Variant, and Homosexual Fiction, written with Gene Damon (1960); Men, Halflings, and Hero Worship (1973); The Necessity of Beauty: Robert W. Chambers and the Romantic Tradition (1974); and The Jewel of Arwen (1973).

Novels written under pseudonyms include I Am a Lesbian as “Lee Chapman”; Spare Her Heaven and Knives of Desire as “Morgan Ives”; Twilight Lovers, The Strange Women, and My Sister, My Love as “Miriam Gardner”; and No Adam for Eve as “John Dexter.”

In addition to these longer works, the collection includes several short stories (including “Jaime,” “The Parting of Arwen,” “Blood Will Tell,” “To Keep the Oath,” and “Hero’s Moon”), speeches (including “My Search for Morgaine le Fay” and “Thoughts on Avalon”); non-fiction (including “The Fine Art of Telling Lies,” “Something More than Fantasy: Rape in Fiction,” and “World Building in Horror, Occult, and Fantasy Writing”); autobiographical material; poetry; her fanzine review column “Crying in the Sink,” from the late 1950’s; and other items. Introductions and forewards for others’ books include the introduction to Children of the Atom by Wilmar Shiras; her forward to Ladies of the Lake by John and Caitlin Mathews (1991); and her forward to Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley (1991).

Unpublished works by Bradley in the collection include the book-length works Window on the NightElbow Room, Rosie X, The Cardboard Cake, as well as several “confessional” stories, short stories, and unfinished pieces. Also unpublished is Bradley’s novelization of the television program Medical Story (the published version was re-written and published under the other writer’s name) and her eulogy for Donald Wollheim.

Manuscripts by others in the collection include “The Connecticut Eskimo,” a short story by Madeleine L’Engle (1990); Riders of the Kilgard Hills, by Paul E. Zimmer (unfinished); Darkover Concordance, by Walter Breen; The Darkover Dilemma: Problems of the Darkover Series (1976); Costume and Clothing as a Cultural Index on Darkover, by Diana Paxson (1977); The Darkover Cookbook (1977); Leigh Brackett, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne McCaffrey: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography, by Rosemarie Arbur (1982); Marion Zimmer Bradley, by Rosemarie Arbur (1985); In Search of the Woman Warrior, by Richard Lane and Jay Wurts (1997); and others. The collection also includes numerous short stories and short pieces submitted for publication in Bradley’s annual Sword and Sorceress anthologies (1984-1994) as well as Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine.

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of fanzines – magazines about Bradley’s fiction (and science-fiction / fantasy in general), written, edited, and published by fans. Notable titles in the collection include Day*Star (complete run, 1952-1963); FantasiaeAllerlei, published by Walter Breen shortly after his marriage to Bradley; Sybil Leek’s Astrology Journal, edited by Bradley (under the name Elfrida Rivers) and Walter Breen; Starstone, published by Bradley; Moon Phases; and an issue of Checklist containing a well-known bibliography by Bradley and Barbara Grier (writing as “Gene Damon”). Most of the fanzines in the collection pertain to Bradley’s Darkover setting, and are very rare. Other periodicals include several issues of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine. The collection also includes various promotional material, book jackets, and bound compilations of short stories by others and compiled by Bradley (1949).

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters. Notable correspondents include Amanda Bankier, Robert Bloch, Ray Walter (Redd) Boggs, Walter Breen, Kurt Busiek, C. J. Cherryh, Juanita Coulson, Claire Gabriel, Robert Heinlein, Barbara Mertz, Mary Renault, Rick Sneary, and Elisabeth Waters. Professional correspondence consists of letters to and from various publishers and editors. All the letters date from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes Bradley’s awards, plaques and certificates from various science-fiction and fantasy fan conventions, such as the Witchcraft and Sorcery Con, the Iguanacon, and the Mile-Hi Con, among others. 

Legal material in the collection includes Bradley’s royalties trust file, which consists of a divorce decree (1964); original birth and baptism certificates for Marion Eleanor Zimmer; pension plan certificate; and social security card.

Other items in the collection include Bradley’s journals and diaries (1955-1963, 1979, and undated); several notebooks of longhand notes; audio recordings (especially recorded versions of Bradley’s books); video cassettes; artwork (primarily illustrations); photographs; and various other items.

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