Branner, Martin (1888-1970)
The Martin Branner collection consists of artwork, printed material, scrapbooks, correspondence, diaries, personal memorabilia, and other items.
Artwork in the collection includes several cartoons drawn by Branner.  These include several daily and Sunday strips for Winnie Winkle.  Also included is a portfolio of original drawings by various cartoonists, presented to Branner in a tribute by the National Cartoonist’s Society, May 27, 1964.

Printed material in the collection includes a printed run of Winnie Winkle, dating from the 1920s through the 1960s; newsletters and reports from various fraternal organizations; newspaper and magazine clippings; promotional material for Winnie Winkle; Winnie Winkle comic books; and other items.

Scrapbooks in the material include an album of comics from the 1920s; four scrapbooks consisting mostly of newspaper clippings; and one additional album.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from readers, including several Winnie Winkle fans; copies of Branner’s responses; letters related to motion pictures; and other letters.

Diaries in the collection include diaries by Branner and Edith Fabrini.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes several awards from various organizations; material from Branner’s “Martin and Fabrin” Vaudeville years, including sheet music, contracts, programs, advertisements, a poster, and other items; and merchandise related to Winnie Winkle and Denny Dimwit.

Other items in the collection include photographs, notes and drafts for comic strip scripts, business cards, invitations to various events, contracts regarding Winnie Winkle, financial material, and other miscellany.
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1. Branner, Martin Michael, 1888-
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