Brisson, Frederick (1912-1984)
The Frederick Brisson collection consists of manuscripts, audio, printed material, professional material, and other material.

Manuscripts in the Brisson collection include short biographies of himself and Rosalind Russell (Brisson’s wife), as well as several scripts by various authors.  The scripts include The Rose Tattoo, by Tennessee Williams; The Best Man, by Gore Vidal; Terra Nova, by Ted Tally; Dance a Little Closer, by Alan Jay Lerner; Mixed Couples and Slightly Delayed, by James Prideaux; Gentlemen for Rent, by Ted Peckham; So Long, 174th Street, by Joseph Stein; Priceless, by George Kingo; The Pleasure of His Company and Sabrina Fair, by Samuel Taylor; and A Woman Too Many, by Knud Sonderby.

Audio recordings in the collection consist of various long-playing records.  These include the original Broadway cast recordings of So Long, 174th Street; Coco; and Raisin.  Also present are the albums Little Green Apples, by Tony Bennett; Coco, by Billy Vaughn; Wie Wijst de We? By Gerard Cox; The Magic Key / The Rare Earth; Mary Martin Sings Live in Living Color; Andre Kostelanetz Plays Cole Porter; Soul Folk Dance; and an unlabeled test pressing.

Printed material in the collection includes some theatre programs for various performances, as well as a poster for Dance a Little Closer.

Professional material in the collection primarily consists of Brisson’s office files pertaining to various productions, actors, financial transactions, personnel issues, and other matters.  Prominent topics include the show Twigs (1975-1980); advertising; bus and truck tours; budgets; crews; costume and scenery design; contracts and other legal affairs; reviews, press, and publicity; media adaptations; and others.  One of the files contains several letters from Rosalind Russell.

Other items in the collection include twelve black and white photographs of Rosalind Russell, as well as two letters to Brisson from Henry Kissinger (both dated 1972) and an invitation to an event from Lady Bird Johnson (1975).
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1. Brisson, Frederick, 1912-1984
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